PF impunity, lawlessness

Jack Mwiimbu says those in the PF are acting contrary to the laws of Zambia with impunity.

Debating the report of the committee on legal affairs, human rights, national guidance, gender matters and governance: the African Peer Review Mechanism: the case of Zambia, in Parliament, Mwiimbu noted that of late, Zambians have witnessed a number of unwarranted, wanton, attacks by PF cadres on those appearing on radio stations and attacks on radio stations themselves around the country. He stresses that what has been happing, of late, is unprecedented.

“It has only occurred during the reign of the PF. The PF are intolerant to any opposing views. We saw attacks in Mpika, Isoka, Nakonde, Chipata, Nchelenge…Almost every radio station in this country has been attacked by PF cadres. So, what good governance are you talking about? The track record speaks for itself. I would like anyone who will stand on charge of PF to challenge me on whether what I have stated is not correct,” challenges Mwiimbu. “Why are you doing things you used to condemn those days [when in opposition]? You are becoming worse perpetrators of acts that were not in your interest when you were not in government. You are worse than the way MMD was. The atrocities you used to complain [against] are worse now than they were that time…The members of the opposition have been denied the right to assemble under this COVID-19 arrangement. But our colleagues on your right, Mr Speaker, with impunity, have continued doing what is prohibited. What rule of law are we talking about? Despite the established laws in place which everyone is expected to oblige, the PF are acting contrary to the laws of the country.”

He is right.

Impunity and lawlessness is the hallmark of Edgar Lungu’s PF. There’s nothing they are good at, save for lawlessness. We are ruled by a bunch of thin-skinned turncoat democrats – they are such sensitive that one fails to separate the leadership from party hooligans. Violence of the mouth they practice with same intensity physically. And police brutality or abuse is their first weapon!

Edgar is the most intolerant president Zambia has ever known. And this has spread to his minions like Stephen Kampyongo and Bowman Lusambo.

Under Edgar’s presidency, political violence has increased in Zambia. He leads the most violent political party in Zambia’s history. Edgar rewards people for being brutish. How can a decent and peaceful president have the likes of Kampyongo and Lusambo as ministers,given their backgrounds and conduct? Wherever these are there’s violence, threats and turmoil.

When it comes to democracy, Edgar’s rule is worse than that of the one-party state. He has literally taken us beyond the one-party dictatorship. Our multiparty political dispensation is being obliterated, living only his party to function politically and otherwise. He has abused the Public Order Act to stifle opposition political mobilisation work in a way no other president has ever done. And to the public order Act he has added the COVID-19 restrictions to further suffocate opposition political mobilisation work.

There’s no Zambian president who has abused the police to suppress, repress and humiliate political opponents than Edgar. Look at how he has abused the police to harass and humiliate Hakainde Hichilema, Dr Fred M’membe, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba and other political opponents!

What we have today in Zambia is not only a kleptocracy but also a dictatorship. There’s no other president of this country, or probably Africa, who has closed more news media outlets than Edgar.

There’s no president of this country who has abused the Judiciary than Edgar. He has completely destroyed the independence of our Judiciary. We actually don’t have a judiciary worth talking about.

All our government institutions have been undermined, compromised to meet his corrupt needs.

Edgar has no restraint whatsoever. This is a very dangerous president.

We can’t understand how anyone who loves this country and its people can support, defend and even vote for Edgar!

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