NGOCC urges women to focus on issue-based campaigns

NGOCC executive director Engwase Mwale says women should ensure that their campaigns are done with a difference as the country heads towards elections next year.

Featuring on a special programme on 3 FM in Chipata on Tuesday, Mwale who is currently in Eastern Province on a mission to promote women access to land said women who want to contest elections next year should campaign on issues.

“As NGOCC we are looking forward to collaborating with all the women not only in Eastern Province but in Zambia. We are going through a very difficult phase as a world. We are in the COVID-19 period, before that we had the gassing. Now we are getting ready as a country towards elections next year, so what we would want to encourage women out there especially for those that have interest to participate in the elections next year to come forth through our membership countrywide. Let them feel free to seek assistance through the various trainings that we provide,” she said.

Mwale said NGOCC had rolled out a campaign strategy targeting women across the country.

“We want the council in Chipata to be filled up with women because men have been filling up the council chamber for some time. For the elections next year, again, Zambia is known to be a peaceful country, we are a country that has been politically stable. We know that in many cases violence tends to erupt towards the elections, so we must be the ones that must preserve the peace that Zambia has enjoyed overtime,” she said. “Our campaigns as women should actually be done with a difference; campaigning on issues, contesting on political party ideologies rather than focusing on name calling.”

Mwale said NGOCC was also looking at addressing cyber bullying.

“We’ve realised that many women get bullied on these cyber spaces especially social media but we encourage the women to be forthright in terms of just focusing on what we need to achieve and that is having more women in leadership for Zambia,” said Mwale.

And Chipata City Council town clerk Vivian Chikoti said she would continue advocating women empowerment.

Chikoti said the council was implementing the 30 per cent SADC protocol.

She said the council would soon be doing the numbering of the plots that would be given to various applicants, adding that they would ensure that the 30 per cent required was adhered to.

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