Wait for PF’s term to judge it – Daka

MWANGAILA ward PF secretary Bisalom Daka says people should wait for PF’s term to finish for them to judge it.

In a press statement, Daka said the Patriotic Front government has delivered massive development and those who blame it have personal agendas.

He claimed that development has been massively distributed in Kapoche Constituency under Dr Charles Banda from 2016 to date.

“Kapoche people, bola ni 90 minutes. Wait for our term to finish for you to judge us…. But I can assure you that those that insult PF as a failure are those with hatred and personal agendas. So the game is 90 minutes and only he who wins the game gets the prize…” he said.

Daka, who is also aspiring for the Mwangaila council seat in 2021, expressed hope and confidence that Dr Banda would retain his Kapoche seat in 2021 because he had delivered to the expectations of the people.

“Dr Banda, our MP, will retain the seat in 2021 because he has achieved most campaign promises such as good roads, clean drinking water, crossing points and many more. I don’t doubt; if there is a candidate that will win on the PF ticket in 2021, it’s Charles Banda. He is everywhere…” Daka said.

He said Dr Banda had demonstrated the PF slogan of ‘sonta apo wabomba, ngataubombele sela tubombe (meaning show us what you have done and if you haven’t done anything, give us space we work)’.

He also refuted allegations that Dr Banda visits the area frequently just because elections are coming next year.
He said the lawmaker has always been available and that now he wants to deliver on all promises made in 2016.

“It’s a lie to think Dr Banda frequents the constituency because of 2021, the thing is that Kapoche is a large constituency covering three chiefdoms namely, Nyanje, Kathumba and Kawaza such that when Dr Banda visits one area, the other area will complain yet somewhere within the area he is delivering,” Daka said.

On the number of individuals aspirants for the Kapoche seat, Daka said people have the freedom to exercise their rights but works achieved was what would determine the leader in 2021.

“Let aspirants invade Kapoche Constituency but what will determine is the works done,” he said.

Daka admitted that Dr Banda’s name was being damaged because civic leaders don’t explain to the people nor visit the people frequently to explain what was being done on the ground.

He promised to work closely with Dr Banda once elected as a councilor.

“Development is not being delivered by the MP alone. The area needs an active councillor to update the MP on the needs of the people on the ground but if a councillor doesn’t visit people and explain things to them, then he subjects the name of the MP in disrepute. The name of the MP is being dented because of our weak councilor,” said Daka.

At a meeting at Kapandula Primary School addressed by Dr Banda, some youths shouted at the current civic leader Harry Phiri saying he is not seen to explain development to them.

And at Chatata Community School, Kapungwe councillor Greenson Mwenda told Dr Banda that people in the area were drinking water from a well where a pig drowned.
He said people need a borehole.

But council chairperson Michael Phiri blamed Mwenda saying he was part of the team that was expected to end the problem.

“Councillor, this is your area and you were supposed to tell us in advance about this problem but now you are telling us at a public meeting yet you are part of this governance system! We are supposed to ask you why people drink dirty water…we don’t work like this,” Phiri told him.

He advised the people to send Mwenda to the council to get CDF forms to apply for a borehole.

And Dr Banda told the people that Mwenda was not just a civic leader but also PF vice district council chairperson.

He wondered why Mwenda hesitated to seek a borehole to protect people from drinking contaminated water.

Dr Banda was in the constituency and he visited several developments and held some meetings in some communities.

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