Zambians, get this nation back – Nevers

MMD president Nevers Mumba has charged that the PF government is in a love affair with illegalities.

Meanwhile, Mumba says the government must not test the resolve of security wings ahead of next year’s elections.

Addressing journalists at the MMD secretariat in Lusaka on Thursday, Mumba said the fatal sin of the PF was their unwillingness to listen to Zambians.

He said the nation was tired.

“The word on the street is that Zambians are tired, both here and in the diaspora. Generally, Zambians across the country are fatigued. The economy is broken and the freedoms of our people are taken away from them,” Mumba said.

“The fatal sin of the Patriotic Front is their unwillingness to listen to Zambians. That is the biggest sin they have committed, besides anything else. The arrogance! The love affair with illegalities and the readiness to use brute force against anyone who has a question. This government of the Patriotic Front prides in illegalities.”

On the contentious Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019, Mumba asked: “why should we divide the nation over a legislative bill?”

“Why can’t it wait? Why should we divide the Church in the manner that it is being divided, just because of one bill? Why is this country being ripped apart because of this bill? We are ready to rip our nation apart, just to pass Bill 10. Why?” he wondered. “I’ve said this before; Bill 10 or no Bill 10, when Zambians make up their minds that PF must go, they will still go with Bill 10 in their hands.”

Mumba stressed that it’s not Bill 10 that would preserve the Patriotic Front.”

“[But] it’s their heart and love for the people of this country. It’s their ability to serve the people of this country. A good leader can serve his nation with a bad Constitution [and] a bad leader, even when he is given a [good] Constitution, he can still abuse the people,” he noted. “Bill 10 is not the answer to the problems of our nation. Bill 10 is the biggest problem to the unity of our nation. We must stop it!”

Mumba urged Zambians to get back their country.

“We’ve got to get this nation back. PF has tried and beating, insulting them, will not change them. They have showed you what they’ve got. There is only 12 months left [before next year’s elections]. What miracle are they going to produce from the bag? What they have shown you is who they are and what they’ve got,” he said.

On what lessons Zambians could draw from the just ended fresh presidential elections in Malawi, Mumba, a pastor, pointed out that citizens had to know that a pastor can be president and that a former ruling party can be bounce back and form government.

He noted that the other lesson: “that we learn is that you cannot tempt the security forces [for] too long.”

“The police are the fathers of the youth that are demonstrating. I want to warn the Patriotic Front, please do not tempt the security forces. In Malawi the security forces decided to go on the side of the people because they got tired of brutalising their own people,” Mumba said. “The moment that a government starts to use the police or security forces to brutalise its citizens, is the time you know that the end is near. So, I ask this government; don’t test the resolve of the security wings. Malawi is too close!”

Meanwhile, Mumba said many people have said yes to his presidential bid but no to the MMD.

He said he understood the apprehension.

Mumba explained that it was true that some selfish and greed people had abused the MMD in the past.

“The MMD acquired a bad name…Our name was messed up by a few that decided to use this organisation to fulfil their selfish desires. In 2011 the MMD vehicle crashed and was heavily damaged. My responsibility as president of this organisation has been to clean up the MMD name. I’m determined to clean it up before I can offer it again to the Zambian people in 2021,” noted Mumba. “It will be arrogance of the highest order for me to take the old MMD that the Zambians rejected in 2011, back to them to consider us for the vote. My job is to clean up the name of the MMD. We are not the same and you can’t judge us by the sins of others.”

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