‘Getting back the nation’

Nevers Mumba is urging Zambians to get back their country.

“We’ve got to get this nation back. PF has tried and beating, insulting them, will not change them. They have showed you what they’ve got. There is only 12 months left [before next year’s elections]. What miracle are they going to produce from the bag? What they have shown you is who they are and what they’ve got,” says Mumba.

It is very difficult for any citizen to point at anything good or positive about this Patriotic Front government of Edgar Lungu. Here is a regime that has poisoned everything on its way. Poverty, for instance, is a hallmark of this corrupt regime. And this is a president who has completely failed to define the purpose of his presidency. Edgar’s government has pushed the country into very high debt levels with very little, if not nothing, to show for it. The only thing Edgar has succeeded in is increasing corruption, intolerance and abuse of public institutions. He has literally destroyed the integrity of every public institution – the Judiciary, Parliament, the police, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and so on and so forth. Not even the Church has been spared. Edgar has reduced our multiparty political dispensation to virtually a de facto one party dictatorship. He has really contracted the democratic space. The economy is in a shambles.

For Edgar and his minions, politics is a theatre – a form of governing. We have a president whose words cannot be counted on – you can’t trust him on anything other than his penchant for destructive politics! This is a naïve regime that is nothing but crooked and self-serving. What is it that should make Zambians vote for Edgar? Being gassed! Power outages! Corruption! Intolerance! Cruelty! Brutality! Poverty! Hunger! Homelessness! Joblessness! Crime! Lies! Cholera! Coronavirus! Extravagance!

There’s absolutely no good reason for any sensible and upright person to vote for Edgar and his Patriotic Front again. He has caused so much pain, destruction, misery and poverty to be voted for. Edgar has destroyed our country and our lives to be further entrusted with power. Putting back Edgar in office is tantamount to committing suicide.

And if Edgar and his Patriotic Front had any sense of shame they would not contest the forthcoming elections. Why would they want to continue subjecting Zambians to misery, poverty and squalor. The honourable thing for them to do would be to bow out and allow people with better ideas to take over. But these are greedy and selfish characters who are in government only to serve themselves.

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