Muntembu urges Lungu, Kanganja to repent

A ZAMBIAN preacher has warned President Edgar Lungu that if he does not repent for the injustices his government has committed on Zambians he will go to hell.

In his latest 44-minute video posted on Youtube, titled: President Lungu must repent, the Australia-based Larson Mutembu asked President Lungu to prove that indeed he was a Christian as he claimed.

Quoting from the Bible in 2 Chronicles 7:14, Mutembu warned Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja and home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo that they too would go to hell if they did not repent.

He condemned the government’s unleashing of police on youths on June 22, who ended up protesting peacefully in the bush.

“I have come to tell the president, President Lungu to repent. I have come to tell the President to look into his heart and repent if truly he is a Christian. The scripture we read says, ‘if my people who are called by my name’… If Lungu is truly a Christin, God is calling him to repent. God is telling him to look at the evils that are happening in our nation,” he said. “In fact, the President himself too urged the police to do whatever was in their power to crush the protesters. So, the police minister and Kanganja are just doing what the President is telling them to do. And that’s why God is asking the President to repent. Repent over the blood of innocent Zambians who have died, Mr President, if indeed you are a Christian. If you don’t repent you will go to hell, let me tell you this. The same for the Inspector General of Police and any other politician who has been involved to see to it that innocent people are being oppressed. You’ll go to hell!”

He reminded President Lungu about the many deaths resulting from police brutality under his reign.

“God is telling him to look at the innocent young Zambians who have died, like Mapenzi [Chibulo], Vespers [Shimunzhila] and many others. God is calling him to look at that and repent,” Mutembu said passionately. “He’s also calling on the Inspector General of Police to repent; to look into his heart and repent. There was no need for the police command to send many police officers to go and try and crush innocent young protesters who are protesting against corruption and injustice in our nation.”

Mutembu further challenged fellow preachers to speak out against injustices on Zambians or face the wrath of God.

He further urged religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili to speak to her fellow ministers and President Lungu about the evils they were committing against people.

“And let me address you fellow ministers of the Word of God. You have been given a real opportunity today to be close to the President and his ministers. It’s for a special reason; God wants you to speak to them so that they will stop oppressing the poor and do what is right. If you fail to speak to them, the blood of those who have died will be upon your hands,” Mutembu said.

“Let me speak to my sister the Minister for [National Guidance and] Religious Affairs, you have been given that position for a special reason; don’t fear. Of course, you can’t speak like I’m speaking over social media, but you can go to them and warn them to do things right. We don’t want Zambian blood to be shed as we go towards elections; no more Zambian blood. Let the people protest, say whatever they want to say freely.”

He further challenged President Lungu to explain problems he found with people protesting peacefully against corruption and other vices.

Mutembu cited other democracies, including Australia, where people spoke and matched against their leaders without police intervention.

“Yet in Zambia, you start to speak, they want to crush your bones. Hence, we see young people going to protest in the bush. Just over two weeks ago, PF cadres were protesting at parliament because they wanted the ministers to support Bill 10. It was easy for them to go and protest; they even protest without police permit and the police will be there to protect them. But when it comes to those who are not PF, they say you’re being sponsored. Who is sponsoring them?” asked Mutembu. “And who is sponsoring me to speak? I’ll continue to speak. So, God is telling you Zambians, fellow ministers of the Word of God, Inspector General of Police and the President to repent. Zambians, rise up and speak! Don’t wait for the young people alone, rise up and speak. Elders like myself, rise up and speak. Preachers, rise up and speak. And let our royal highnesses continue to speak.”

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