Teachers deserve proper shelter – Chansa

THE National Action for Quality Education in Zambia has welcomed the announcement by President Edgar Lungu that the government will soon start constructing houses for teachers.

Executive director Aaron Chansa said the good news had come at a time when teachers were going through very hard times in terms of pathetic accommodation, static salaries, no salary scale upgrades, poor infrastructure and a very demotivating promotion system.

“This scenario is an assault on efforts for quality education delivery in schools. Previously, NAQEZ was at pains as to why government was only building beautiful houses for defence forces without considering those who produce everyone, the teachers. We are happy that this unfair practice will be history if this plan will indeed be actualised,” he said.

Chansa said today, many teachers, especially in rural areas, stay in grass thatched houses.

He said this was bad and cannot continue to be a norm.

“We feel our hard-working and sacrificing educators deserve proper motivation now. As we thank our President for this exciting development, we plead with the presidential aide for projects implementation to closely work with the Ministry of General Education in order for this initiative to quickly take off. As an organization, we shall take a lot of interest in this matter so that teachers in the country can benefit,” said Chansa.

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