An openly partisan chief prison warden

Zambia Correctional Service commissioner general Chileshe Chisela says they will never entertain anyone who ‘does not support President Lungu’ to enter Monze Open Correctional Facility to woo votes.

“It is the reason why my officers who are uniformed and trained to be loyal have been directed that we’ll never entertain anyone to enter in this facility if they are unable to support you to come and woo support from our officers,” says Dr Chisela. “We’ll do what we can to help your party, we’ll do what we can to help your government.”

This is the chief prison warden speaking! What type of treatment can an incarcerated opposition politician expect from this warden?

Are elections going to be free and fair in the prisons under the control of this warden?

Even if it’s being grateful to Edgar Lungu for promoting him to Commissioner general of prisons, this is going too far. Aya sana!

This type of prison warden will stop at nothing to ensure that all the votes in the country’s prisons go Edgar and the Patriotic Front. And in saying this we are not putting words in his mouth. How more brazen can a warden be?

We urge the opposition to protest Dr Chisela’s conduct and demand his resignation. We can’t have such an openly partisan chief prison warden in a multiparty political dispensation.

Since Dr Chisela, own his own, has brought up the issue of elections in his work, the Electoral Commission of Zambia needs to be brought in too and look into his openly partisan conduct.

If Edgar and the Patriotic Front win in prisons and lose elsewhere, it will be clear that Dr Chisela has rigged prison elections.

Dr Chisela has exhibited extreme carelessness and irresponsibility. Should there be a change of government he has fired himself. And should blame no one but himself. Which new government will be willing to retain a Patriotic Front cadre in such a position?

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