PF threatens to declare E/Province no-go area for HH

EASTERN Province PF information and publicity secretary William Phiri has warned UPND that constant provocation on Zambia’s democracy and peace will be met with retaliation from the ruling party.

Phiri has given Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND a 24-hour ultimatum to apology to President Edgar Lungu failure to which PF would declare Eastern Province a no-go area for the opposition leader.

On Saturday UPND youths lined up in the streets and booed President Lungu’s motorcade while flashing their party symbols in Monze when the Head of State went to commission 70 housing units for correctional officers in Monze.

Commenting on the incident, Phiri said it was enough for UPND “dirty politics” of disrespecting national leaders.

He said the Mongu presidential motorcade incident on which Hichilema was incarcerated for 127 days seemed not filter enough lessons for the opposition.

Phiri said Eastern Province would not sit and watch President Lungu being abuse by the UPND.

“It is with heavy heart and regret that the UPND in Southern Province have yet again disrespected the President with impunity. As the ruling party in Eastern Province, we would like to express our utmost disappointment by the unruly and disgruntled behaviour of UPND cadres in Monze when the Republican President was on a three-days working visit to Southern Province,” he said.

Phiri wondered how long would the opposition throw insults on “our humble” President Lungu.

“The UPND should not take Zambians for granted. We are a Christian nation but a constant provocation on Zambia’s democracy and peace will be met with retaliation from the Patriotic Front Party and the innocent youths who want harmony,” he said. “We therefore give HH and his UPND demagogues, twenty-four hours to apologise to the Head of State or we declare Eastern Province a no-go area for him. Enough is enough of UPND dirty politics of wanting sympathy whenever they are arrested. Political expediency without respect for national leadership is foolishness.”

He appealed to traditional leaders in Southern Province give counsel to Hachilema and his supporters.

“We dare HH to come to Eastern Province and our colleagues in Southern Province should not cry foul because we will give them their own bitter pill to swallow,” Phiri said.

He said what happened in Monze was an assault on the people of Zambia.

Phiri said the police also should account for their failure to protect the Head of State.
“People should draw a line between a Republican President and party president. ECL is Republican President and party president whilst HH is party president. This means that ECL is a national asset. He is a manager of the country and has a right to go to any part of the country. ECL deserves utmost security and respect,” said Phiri. “The police should also act in a professional fashion instead of watching their Commander-In-Chief being humiliated by UPND cadres. We call for professionalism from the police service.”

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