Zambians have always booed leaders when political grace is lost, says Chikuse

[By Tobias Phiri and Charles Tembo]

THE PF must blame themselves for the lost popularity under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, says Republican Progressive Party (RPP) vice-president Leslie Chikuse.

And former Copperbelt University Students Council chairperson Mollen Mwitumwa says in Monze, President Edgar Lungu experienced the inner feeling of anger among youths.

Chikuce has charged that President Lungu’s ‘dictatorial tendencies coupled with high cost of living’ are forcing Zambians to do anything to show displeasure.

He added that recently young people protested in the bush against PF’s assault on democracy, fundamental human rights, among other injustices in the country.

“And to boo the sitting President, it is because there is a signal of poor leadership and this must not surprise a ruling party. It is on political record that the successive governments with their leaders have been booed by the Zambian people when political grace is lost,” Chikuse said.

“The late former presidents Fredrick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa (May their souls rest in peace) passed through such humiliation. To avoid political humiliation, it is important for the intelligence and security in the party to help the President to avail correct information on the ground indicating that people want regime change.”
Chikuse said if President Lungu made a prompt visit today across the country, he would not receive ‘a thunderous welcome from the Zambian people leading even to subsequent booing’.

“As such, this must not send PF to panic mode and hide the embarrassment under the carpet. They must accept that the Zambian people are tired of their painful rule of nine years. PF has not fulfilled the campaign promises due to failure by President Edgar Lungu to realise his vision,” he said.

“And as RPP, we advise Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo and defense minister Davies Chama to desist from issuing inflammatory statements which break the rule of law. Should the duo continue on this trajectory, RPP will have no option but report them to the police.”

Meanwhile, Mwitumwa said the PF should not be allowed to use the Monze incidence to impede democracy.

“The declaration of Copperbelt and Northern provinces as a no go area for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) is very unpatriotic and a PF scheme to impede the natural rule of democracy. The people chanting included PF, UPND, NDC and even MMD slogans [were chanted]. The only thing that seemed to be unfair in the eyes of the ruling Patriotic Front party is that their people were outnumbered by the UPND youths,” Mwitumwa said.

“The UPND youths never stopped anyone from entering Monze district, rather they just expressed their inner feeling to say they are not satisfied with the current leadership in government. What those youths and other residents did is within their rights to do so just like B-Flow, Chellah Tukuta, Macky II, Pilato, Nawa Muyunda, among other artists, expressed themselves through social media.”

Mwitumwa said what happened in Monze was a wake up call that Zambia needs serious leadership.

“What is currently happening in our country should be a sign that politics is only good if it is played by the people with the right minds, hence calling for the active participation of all of us as this is the only way that we can bring this nonsense to an end,” he said.

He said it was therefore unpatriotic for Bowman Lusambo, the Lusaka Province minister and Copperbelt coordinator to issue threats of violence against the UPND.

“What Mr Bowman Lusambo and Mr Kelvin Sampa did yesterday and today respectively is a sign that they are willing to go an extra mile just to see the PF forcefully getting back power in an undemocratic manner by instilling fear in people and stopping other political players from freely conducting their political business of hope and help creation for the people,” he said.

“My earnest appeal to my fellow youths of Mazabuka who are ever well meaning Just like the other well meaning people of Zambia is that we should not tolerate such divisive sentiments coming from politicians like Mr Bowman Lusambo and Mr Kelvin Sampa as the results will continue to haunt us, haunt our children and generations to come even after next year when these politicians who are trying to divide our country for political selfishness will be no more,” he said.

Mwitumwa said the youth may not be strong enough to use violence, but they have the power in their numbers.

“We keep non-violence as our goal and make strong progress towards it because non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. The ingenuity scheme by the PF should be discarded with the contempt it deserves,” said Mwitumwa.

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