SP adopts young female candidate for Mongu Central

THE Socialist Party has adopted 24-year-old female Christine Musole as candidate for Mongu Central Constituency in the 2021 general elections.

Announcing the party’s first parliamentary candidate, spokesperson Rehoboth Kafwabulula said as stated in their manifesto, the party would not field not less than 50 per cent female candidates in both parliamentary and local government elections next year.

Kafwabulula said it was also the party policy to integrate the youths in leadership at both local and national.
“The Socialist Party intends to rectify this, come 2021, and we’ll field candidates that are 25 years old and under. We will field candidates who are at a minimum level allowed by law, which is 21 years old. Since independence, this country has not had an MP who is below the age of 25. Our youngest MP is 26 years old, a situation that the Socialist Party intends to rectify,” she said.

Kafwabulula said Musole, who was adopted by all wards in the constituency and all structures, started her journey as a community activist at the age of 13 whilst at Mongu FM Radio.

She said Musole presented a programme that enlightened on matters of HIV/AIDS in her community.

A graduate from the University of Zambia with a bachelor’s degree in education, Musole seeks to change the face of her constituency.

And Musole said she was one of the few people from a poor background who attained a university degree, regardless of the many hardships at the hands of a female parent.

She noted that many households today were being raised by women, a harsh reality considered as normal.

“It is because of what they have seen in me that I will never betray their trust. The faith that Dr Fred M’membe has in youths has made it possible for us to gather here and for my adoption. The future is not built in the future but the threshold of what we do today. It is because of what we are doing today that we are building the future and not waiting for the future to come that we should build it,” said Musole.

“We are not the future leaders but the leaders of today because, remember that we have been talking about being future leaders from the time we were 13 years old. From the time we were 14, 15 and now here I am 24 years old so, which other future am I waiting for?”

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