YALI embarks on ‘selling’ Bill 10 through billboards

YALI says it is rolling out sensitisation messages on Bill 10, by spreading the mounting of billboards across Zambia.

So far, there are billboards in Lusaka, Southern Province and on the Copperbelt, highlighting the ‘better side’ of the contentious Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019.

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe told journalists in Lusaka that the Initiative’s team, as of yesterday, was rolling out billboards in Eastern, Western, Central, Muchinga, Western and North Western provinces.

Ntewewe is elated that YALI was scaling-up the sensitisation campaigns on Bill 10 through different activities, with the aim of making the public appreciate the real intention of Bill 10.

“So many lies have been told about this Bill about those who oppose it but we are continuing with our mission to give the public correct information about this bill,” Ntewewe said. “We have finally mounted our billboards with correct information about what is contained in Bill 10, contrary to the many lies the public has been subjected to.”

He committed that his organisation would continue to circulate pointed messages about what was in Bill 10 through social media platforms, newspapers, radios and television.

Ntewewe added that YALI was willing to partner with the media that was ready to give balanced and factual information about Bill 10 to the public.

“The billboards have so far been mounted in Lusaka, Southern and Copperbelt and as we are discussing, our team is rolling out these billboards in six other provinces, which include Eastern, Western, Central, Muchinga and North Western provinces of Zambia,” he said. “YALI believes the public must continue to be fed with correct information, as opposed to propaganda which was mounted by those against Bill 10.”

Ntewewe said Bill 10 reaffirmed Zambia as a Christian nation.

“It is only true that once enacted, our Constitution will reaffirm the Christian character of our nation under the supremacy of God almighty,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ntewewe said as YALI rolls out sensitisation information to give the public on Bill 10, the media is implored to do its part of correctly informing, especially on issues which have already gone out to the public.

“We also call on members of parliament to begin to debate these provisions in Bill 10, not based on the lies which some people have been giving but based on true intentions,” noted Ntewewe.

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