Why should the taxpayer be made to pay for Lungu’s Bill 10 billboards?

It’s difficult to understand why this government is spending so much money advertising or promoting Bill 10.

Given Lubinda and Edgar Lungu have repeatedly reminded Zambians that Bill 10 will be decided upon exclusively by members of parliament. What has changed for Bill 10 now to be taken directly to the public for approval or support? And how is that public support going to help the passing of Bill 10 in parliament? Is there now going to be referendum on Bill 10?

Why should a parliamentary bill be the subject of billboards? And why should their support for this bill be helped by such expensive advertisements or promotions at the taxpayer’s expense? Are they ready to have the other side to this bill, those opposing it also advertise or promote their side at similar taxpayer’s expense? It is said that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

But why is Edgar so desperate about passing Bill 10? It’s certainly not for the benefit of the Zambian people. Edgar doesn’t do things so passionately for public interest. He only does so where there’s personal interest, especially personal political survival.

Edgar is not moved by public interest. He is only moved by personal interest and much so political survival. Anything that threatens his hold on power would receive maximum attention from him. Edgar doesn’t lose sleep over problems of the people.

Edgar is putting in everything in Bill 10 because his political survival depends on it. And to serve his personal political interests the taxpayer is made to spend so much money on billboards promoting Bill 10.

This is abuse of public resources which amounts to corruption. Edgar and his minions should be made to refund this money they are using to advertise or promote Bill 10. This expenditure is not for the Zambian taxpayer but for themselves and they themselves, and not the taxpayer, should meet the expense.

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