Calibre of most parliamentarians in Zambia is below par – Zulu

CARITAS Chipata governance unit programmes officer John Mthaziko Zulu says participating in elections is not supposed to be a preserve for the rich in society.

And Zulu says the calibre of most parliamentarians in Zambia is below par.

Commenting on the new Electoral Commission of Zambia nomination fees, Zulu said democracy should not be expensive.

“Yes, we have seen the revised fees from ECZ, it’s a good thing to revise the fees, especially when there is a public outcry from people because democracy shouldn’t be such expensive. We don’t want a process that bars some people to contest elections,” he said.

Zulu said election to decision making offices should be for everyone.

“Elections shouldn’t be the game for rich or a preserve for the rich people in society but it should allow all individuals, both rich and poor should be able to aspire for these positions. For us, nomination fees should not be a big issue but the candidate,” he said.

Zulu urged political parties to come up with good candidates.

“We want to see political parties coming up with good candidates for 2021. This will give people [opportunity] to choose better leaders. We’ve been crying of women but we’ve seen women who are in Parliament but are not talking. We don’t want to send someone to Parliament who will be a passenger. We’ve seen even some men in Parliament who are not even talking,” he said.

Zulu urged people to vote for credible people and not to vote for someone because they had given them money.

Zulu said the revision of the nomination fees does not excite Caritas.

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