People of Chama are dismayed with stalled road works, says Mtayachalo

YOTAM Mtayachalo says the people of Chama are dismayed with stalled road works on the major roads leading to the district.

And Mtayachalo says he is disappointed with members of parliament from Eastern Province for not being in solidarity with the people of Chama.

In a statement, Mtayachalo, the FDD spokesperson and Chama district party chairperson, stated that the people of Chama had a lot of questions regarding road works.

“The people of Chama want to know the status of the Chama – Lundazi road which was commissioned in 2016 by President Edgar Lungu; whether it is among 31 projects scaled down from bituminous standards to climate resilient road. Further, the Chama – Matumbo road has also stalled since 2014 as 65km from Chief Lundu to Luangwa bridge has not been completed, so it is the Kamphemba bridge and as such it is important that the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Hon Vincent Mwale should shade more light on these projects,” he stated.

Mtayachalo appealed to replace a temporary bridge on the Luangwa River on the Chama/Matumbo road.

“The bridge at Luangwa River on the Chama-Matumbo road is a temporary one and has outlived its lifespan, therefore, has government got plans to replace this one with a permanent bridge because the bridge can be wash away any time during the next rain season? The Chama – Matumbo and Chama – Lundazi road projects are highly economic because of their proximity to the port of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and their completion will not only trigger economic activities in Chama but the entire Eastern Province and works on these projects must commence now because we are only remaining with four months before the onset of the rain season,” he stated.

And Mtayachalo stated that he was disappointed with member of parliament from Eastern Province, who were not in solidarity with the suffering of the people of Chama.
He stated that the people of Chama have suffered a great deal since independence in 1964 because of the poor road infrastructure despite the district endowed with abundant natural resources such as wildlife and one of the leading rice and cotton growing districts in Zambia.

Mtayachalo stated that the people of Chama appreciated the late president Michael Sata for demonstrating political will to tar part of the Chama-Matumbo road to muyombe junction.

“And I also appeal for the grading of the Chama-Muyombe road via Kanyelere which last received a facelift during the UNIP government, notwithstanding that Kanyelere is an agriculture hub of the district because it leads in maize and beans production and the upgrading of this road is equally vital,” Mtayachalo stated.

“I will not rest and stop talking about the plight of the people of Chama until the people equally receive a fair share of the national cake because the people cannot continue to live on broken promises from almost all successive governments since independence.”

He stated that the people have been patient like vultures and it was time to benefit from the national cake.

“So we demand that these projects must be completed before the 2021 general elections and I am also happy that works on the Chipata – Chadiza road have commenced because just like the people of Chama they have equally suffered because of the poor state of the road,” stated Mtayachalo.

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