Lusambo has revealed PF scheme to stick to power – NDC

Lusaka Province NDC chairman Kennedy Siyanda says provincial minister Bowman Lusambo’s statement that PF will not easily surrender power if it loses to the opposition in 2021 is only revealing agreements within the ruling party of clinging on to power.

Siyanda recalled that most recently, Southern Province PF chairman Lawrence Evans stressed that the party would rule beyond 2026.

“As NDC Lusaka Province we have spent some time analysing the recent statement made by Lusaka Province minister, Bowman Lusambo, who said in a video recording that the PF will not easily surrender power if it loses to the opposition in 2021. Fellow citizens, we are not surprised with Lusambo’s statement because he is only divulging the agreements within the PF of clinging on to power. Most recently, Southern Province Chairman Lawrence Evans claimed that the PF would rule beyond 2026. Other ruling party cadres have even claimed that the PF would rule up to 2064,” Siyanda said.

“Failure to arrest criminals killing the public using gas, failure to arrest ritual killers, failure to arrest violent PF cadres that attack everyone including the police and failure to protect business people from foreign investors (Chinese – Wuhan) are some of the reasons the PF has been rejected.”

He said failure to protect Zambian employees from Chinese employers and to arrest criminals that burnt Lusaka City Market had robbed the PF of public confidence.

Siyanda highlighted other reasons that made the ruling party lose public support.

“Destroying the rights of the media, failure to arrest PF cadres that have killed opposition members; and lastly introducing Zambians to strange fellow (Seer 1). In view of the above, Lusambo and your colleagues take note that your days are indeed numbered and Zambians have rejected you,” said Siyanda.

“Next year, the PF will be on its own and the same police officers will be with the Zambian people. Our police are fully aware of what happened in Malawi and may emulate the same here in Zambia. Zambians, we have warned you. 2021 is just around the corner.”

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