Lungu worse than Rupiah – SP

SOCIALIST Party Chawama Constituency parliamentary aspirant Ntazana Musukuma says President Edgar Lungu has failed to administer the affairs of the nation and improve the living standards of the suffering masses.

In an interview on Friday, Musukuma implored Zambians not to vote for the PF in next year’s general elections.

“To call a spade, a spade; Lungu has failed. In fact, he is worse than Rupiah Banda. In 2010 under Banda, even if Zambia’s socio-economic outlook was dim, life for the majority of the citizens was by far better than in 2020 under Lungu, but Banda lost badly the following year 2011. If Banda lost badly in 2011, Lungu must lose miserably in 2021,” he said.

Musukuma said the country had visionary people such as Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe.

“Why then should Zambians keep the visionless Lungu beyond 2021? Poverty in Zambia has exacerbated under the Lungu regime. All commodities and services have become expensive. Zambians can no longer afford electricity, mealie-meal, transport, education etc. The solution is to kick the PF out of office in 2021,” Musukuma said.

“We have been everywhere in Chawama; to all the four wards of the Constituency: Nkoloma, Chawama, John Howard and Lilayi. One thing is clear – the people no longer want Lungu, [area member of parliament Lawrence] Sichalwe and their failed PF party.”

He said the country needed a revolution.

“Come 2021, Zambia needs more than change, Zambia needs a revolution. The suffering masses must overthrow the selfish few via the ballot,” said Musukuma.

“PF after Michael Sata became an organisation with no leader, no future and no direction, and Zambia needs a frontrunner with a vision to liberate citizens.”

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