Bishop Phiri urges public office aspirants to be truthful

FORMER Chipata diocese auxiliary bishop Benjamin Phiri says there will be many lies from politicians as the country heads to elections next year.

Bishop Phiri urged people not to treat Christianity as a part-time vocation.

In his farewell mass at Lundazi’s St Paul’s Parish on Sunday, Bishop Phiri who was recently appointed Ndola Diocese bishop said those seeking public office should be truthful.

“Other people instead of serving others they just serve themselves. These are the things that are going to eat you up. You will go to hell because of such things. Be trustworthy, love people and love God. Love people, not just hoodwinking them because we are going to elections,” he said. “Don’t just cheat people. Others will be saying, ‘I am going to build you an airport here’ but who needs an airport as if we use planes in rural places? Most of us walk, others have bicycles while others have motor vehicles, so what’s the airport for? Be honest and look after the good of the people who are entrusted to you, that’s how God is going to judge you.”

Bishop Phiri said God would not judge people based of the positions they hold.

“God is not going to judge you because you were such such a person before the people but you are still nothing before God. No matter how high you can climb in the social structure, as long as you are very poor before God you are nothing, that I can assure you. Your ending will be very bad. Some of you could be rich but because you didn’t accumulate your wealth in the right manner your ending will be disastrous because you didn’t know God,” he said.

Bishop Phiri also said God knew people’s weaknesses.

“God is the One who created us and God knows both our strengths and weaknesses. We should therefore ask God to guide us so that we do His will in whatever we do. We should volunteer here at church not because we want to please anyone but we should do so because the work we do is for God,” he said.

Bishop Phiri said it was unfortunate that some people want to be forced to do God’s work.

“We should always strive to do things in a Christian way. Christianity is a battle. The devil does not sleep during the day and in the night,” he said.

Bishop Phiri said some people forget about God when they amass wealth.

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