Chitimukulu needs to retreat to his majestic domain

The Chitimukulu should heed Mukuni’s advice and “retreat into his respectable and majestic domain”.

“The solemn culture of royal etiquette by its nature normally prohibits public debate between chief and chief and naturally and more critically between chief and subjects,” says Mukuni.

The Chitimukulu needs to tame his mouth. The Lozis were not unwise to restrict the Litunga from making direct public statements. It’s only the voice of the Ngambela, his prime minister, that is heard.

If the Chitimukulu wants to comment on every controversial issue in the nation, he is bound to clash with many people who may hold contrary views or positions. And he is increasingly appearing to be on the side of the Patriotic Front and its government. This is not a political party that can today be said to enjoy the confidence, respect and support of the great majority of Zambians. This automatically puts him on collision with those who do not agree with or support the Patriotic Front.

If the Chitimukulu wants to be a columnist or political commentator, then he must accept to face the temerity of it as well. And his language is not always “cool” – it is actually rough.

However, the Chitimukulu should realise that he is not the most educated chief in Zambia. Calling himself “Dr” because of an honorary doctorate doesn’t make him a PhD holder.

He can’t attack or criticise people without expecting them to hit back.

They say akanwa ni mbwa balaikulika (the mouth is like a dog; it must be kept on a leash).

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