MABUMBA, ENTIRE PF MUST GO…but under Lungu, this minister is also innocent until proven guilty – Mucheleka

WHAT kind of country has Zambia become, UPND deputy secretary general – politics Patrick Mucheleka has wondered.

He believes the entire PF government is completely morally bankrupt and must all resign immediately, “so that the country can have a fresh start under a new leadership.”

Mucheleka was reacting to a “disturbing video” where Mwense PF member of parliament and general education minister David Mabumba was caressing his manhood.

In a statement yesterday, Mucheleka asked what message President Edgar Lungu and anyone in the PF could tell the Zambian citizens “with such ungodly, wicked, reckless and mentally sick behaviour.”

“Edgar Lungu is on record as saying that what his ministers say and do represents him. So, all the immorality and wicked behaviour of his ministers and PF leadership represents him,” Mucheleka stated. “We call on the genuine clergymen and women in the country to pray for the PF leadership to spare the little remains of the country as they vacate office.”

Mucheleka said Zambia was once again being subjected another huge scandal, something “typical of the entire PF leadership of Edgar Lungu and his regime.”

“The pornographic video of education minister David Mabumba seen fondling his private parts in a video call with an unidentified female accomplice is yet again one of the lowest moments in our country’s history, which claims to be a Christian nation.”

He added that Zambia was currently facing huge challenges from jobless youths, Zesco power outages to economic meltdown and many more unprecedented problems.

Mucheleka noted that one would expect those in the government to be preoccupied with finding solutions to such hardships.

“But they are just looting public resources while producing and sharing pornographic materials that corrupt our youths, the very people they claim they want to empower. Empower them with immorality? What kind of country has Zambia become?” Mucheleka stated. “The Ministry of Education, in particular, is such a key ministry with lots of unemployed teachers, no educational opportunities for our youth, and generally a poor learning environment. Yet the minister is busy amusing himself with a member of his body!”

He further stated that everything about the Lungu presidency was a curse to the Zambians.

“They have no moral right to continue presiding over the country’s affairs even for another day or week. They must go!” Mucheleka stated.

“Ordinarily, we would have called for the dismissal and arrest of Mabumba alone. But we know under Edgar Lungu, this minister is also innocent until proven guilty.”

He said Mabumba would not be fired by President Lungu because he (the President) keeps on protecting those with “bigger scandals of stealing public resources.”

“On simple and unverified allegations, mayors of major cities are suspended, but ministers with corruption cases before court, still appear in Parliament representing the people through the State,” stated Mucheleka.

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