Matipa bemoans non-functional Chilubi harbour floater station

[By Kelvin Siabana in Kasama]

SENIOR Chief Matipa of the Bisa speaking people of Chilubi Island has expressed worry over the deplorable state of the harbour floater station on the island.

The traditional leader said it was worrying because the floater had been in a bad shape for a long time, losing its central position after partially sinking during the last rain season and making it difficult for boats to anchor.

Matipa said it was becoming practically impossible for boats to properly anchor on the floater with passengers and goods on board the boats because the floater was not in use.

The traditional leader said the people of the Island depend on those on the mainland to transact using water transport and since the floater was in unacceptable condition, trade was proving to be a hustle.

He said Chilubi Island was an important place in Northern Province because it provides the mainland and other parts of the province with fish both for home consumption and commercial purpose.

Matipa said the government should urgently repair the damaged floater to prevent loss of lives and goods.

He said it was the responsibility of the government to do the rehabilitation works on the floater so that people can move their products and services on boats between the mainland and the Island for them to live normally.

“It is unfortunate that the once reliable Post-Boat which the people of the mainland and Island depended on mostly for their transportation needs has not been operational for some time,” Matipa lamented.

The traditional leader said the non-availability of the Post-Boat had negatively affected the lives of the people.

He said Chilubi Island needs massive development to attract both local and foreign investors for the betterment of the Islanders.

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