Vector Academy out to challenge Automotive

WITH the Wildcat Premier Futsal League set to resume at the end of August, teams can start imagining showcasing their skills at the Automotive Futsal Arena.

One of the teams doing so is Vector Academy Futsal Club which has over the last season tried to give defending champions Automotive a run for their money.

Automotive have dominated the league since it was launched four seasons ago. The team has been champions for the past three seasons and almost scooped their fourth title unbeaten had it not been for COVID-19 that led to the conclusion of the league without a winner.

But Vector Academy coach Donald Phiri said the coming season won’t be a walkover for Automotive.

“So far so good. We are preparing for next season, though knowing what is happening in terms of COVID-19. It has really affected us. But we know when that time comes to resume the league, we will be ready for the new season,” he said. “We have been looking at how Automotive has been dominating in the last three years and as Vector Academy we are the kind of team that gives Automotive pressure. So going into this season we are looking at finishing above them. You know it becomes boring when the league is only being won by one team, so we want to challenge for the league title this season.”

Phiri is hoping to use some of the tactics learned from a futsal coaching course last month against Automotive.

“This course will help us a lot, more especially to me because the reason why Automotive has been beating us is because they have a coach [Andrea Crisstoffaretti] that is experienced,” he said. “The coach has more knowledge about futsal, he knows where to touch…So with this course it will help me as the coach of Vector to challenge Automotive this season and who knows? We might win it,” he said.

Phiri has however urged the other nine super league teams to prepare adequately for the coming season.

“I want to urge the teams that will be in the league this coming season to prepare because it won’t be easy. We will only have 10 teams in the Super League [and] the competition will be much tougher. So I expect everyone to be ready for the season,” said Phiri.

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