Operate to highest ethical standards, Mung’omba urges journalists

INDEPENDENT Broadcasting Authority board chairperson Mable Mung’omba says journalists will make the profession enviable to the people if they follow professional standards.

Speaking to journalists in Chipata where she is on a familiarisation tour of media institutions, Mung’omba said IBA expected journalists to be professional.

“We expect our licensees to really abide by high ethical standards and we also know that these installations (media institutions) are run by very highly qualified staff. So during this time that we are getting into difficult time, the IBA expectation is for all the professionals in the radio stations to be responsible and follow the journalistic ethics that they have learnt over the years and bring them into practice,” she said.

Mung’omba said IBA expected journalists to do their work professionally even during the election period that the country is heading to.

“We are here to remind the radio stations and television stations of their responsibility because we are only going to make this profession very enviable to the people if we ourselves can practice those professional standards because there are also repercussions that come with people not obeying their own standards,” she said.

Mung’omba said the IBA’s intention was to create a good environment for licensees to thrive.

“I want to take this time to again reiterate to the professionals in the industry that, please you operate to the highest ethical standards,” she said.

And Eastern Province permanent secretary Veronica Mwiche said the effects of unethical standards by the media are devastating.

Mwiche said a radio station is an important communication tool in society.

She said there was need for media practitioners to follow ethical standards.

Mwiche said if not handled properly, the effects of an unethical radio station can be devastating.

“The radio stations, their reach is extremely wide, they reach so many people in different places. This is a mode of communication that is very efficient and effective and if not done properly, if the standards, the ethics, the regulations are not adhered to then that very good tool can become something that can do the opposite and very devastating,” said Mwiche.

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