A moral regeneration, rebirth is urgently needed

There are increasing expectations from ordinary citizens that those in government leadership will establish and deliver higher standards of ethicality and integrity in their personal conduct.

In part this expectation is the result of better-focused media attention and public scrutiny, and increasing impatience by ordinary citizens and Civil Society, whose members want to see an end to the immoral and corrupt practices.

The immoral conduct of David Mabumba shocked the nation. It was unbelievable that a Minister of General Education could behave in such a way, could do such things.

The Minister of Religious Affairs tried to lie about it, claiming it was work of the enemy and not true. What enemy? In the end she looked stupid and confirmed to be a liar.

The public disgust was very high. There was general condemnation of Mabumba’s conduct. All sorts of elements, including the most immoral, mercilessly feasted on Mabumba. And for the first time Edgar Lungu was very swift in taking action. He immediately fired Mabumba and appointed a replacement. Why?

We are less moved with indignation by corrupt acts which kill many people like those of stealing money from the Ministry of Health! The corruption in the Ministry of Health led by Dr Chitalu Chilufya which has led to the deaths of so many fellow citizens doesn’t seem to be such a big issue for us and our President.

A sex scandal by Mabumba, for which he will be adequately punished by his wife and the court of public opinion, has become the most serious transgression by a minister! This is what our President swiftly punishes and not the corruption at the Ministry of Health that is claiming so many lives every day.

There’s no doubt we live in a highly morally contaminated society with sex scandals everywhere – in the families, schools, churches and so on and so forth.

We have lost sense of what is right and what is wrong. There’s need to remake our society. A moral regeneration, rebirth is urgently needed.

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