FAZ elections delay costly to candidates – Munaile

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) presidential aspirant Emmanuel Munaile says the delay to have FAZ elections has become a cost to aspiring candidates.

Speaking when he featured on a Sun FM Radio programme on Wednesday, the former FAZ vice-president said the delay had resulted in aspiring candidates for various positions spending more on campaigns.

But as it stands elections cannot take place before the meeting that will be chaired by FIFA to resolve all the issues that had engulfed Football House.

FAZ is still waiting on FIFA to set the date when the meeting will be held and weather it will be virtually or FIFA will come to Zambia.

“This has been costly as a candidate because we were supposed to have elections in March…, look at the time. For me, the earlier we move away from where we are, the better. You know the matters were in court, when COVID-19 started. Some of our colleagues went to court because they were not happy about certain things and wanted to see certain things done. The matters have been withdrawn from court and it has been a few weeks,” he said. “For me as a candidate, for the President (Edgar Lungu ), he has given us guidelines on how to leave in the new normal. So, the Football Association of Zambia must ensure that this thing is behind us as a matter of urgency.”

He added that there was need for Kamanga to have legitimacy as the association’s president.

“Yes, I understand the current president (Andrew Kamanga) has a mandate to continue but he has no legitimacy; that is what is important. He needs to get that legitimacy by going to the elections and if people want him to continue then well and good. But I think to keep everybody in suspense it’s not being fair because what was stopping the elections was court matters but they are no longer in court and in any case they are not telling the people of Zambia what is happening behind the scenes,” said Munaile. “When are they going to have a meeting with FIFA because that was the next thing and they must ensure that, that meeting takes place as soon as possible so that we start looking at when can we have those elections in four provinces before the main one. Things must be done professionally, there is nothing to be hidden; everyone should know what is happening. I think everyone should make sure that by the 15th of August, we have these elections done; that is my thinking.”

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