SUMAILI A HYPOCRITE …Mabumba sacrificed because he’s not part of Lungu’s inner circle – Changala

CIVIL rights activist Brebner Changala has charged that President Edgar Lungu is inconsistent in his speech and actions.

Changala argues that former general education minister David Mabumba has been sacrificed because he is not in President Lungu’s inner circle.

Meanwhile, Changala accused religious affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili of being a hypocrite.

On Wednesday, President Lungu dismissed Mabumba from his ministerial position after a video about the former minister went viral in which he was naked and playing with his manhood.

Commenting on the President’s action, Changala wondered how the Head of State acted quickly when he had failed to act on other culprits in his cabinet.

“First and foremost, the President acted timely to remove Mabumba from Cabinet because what the man did is morally wrong; it is also against the Penal Code. But, what the President has done, much as it is good, it is also a serious show of inconsistency typical of President Lungu. He was the judge and jury and he determined the matter within 48 hours; there was no presumption of innocence,” Changala said. “Not too long ago, the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Lawrence Sichalwe who is also MP for Chawama, posted a pornographic video. Police told us then that they were investigating, but it is now almost a year and we have not heard anything from them; not even a warn and caution statement. This is a country where some animals are more equal than others. It is clear that Mabumba has been sacrificed because he may not be part of President Lungu’s inner circle.”

Changala said the same action should have been taken on other Cabinet ministers that have committed other criminal and moral offences.

“Since President Lungu claims to be consistent with the law, why did he not do the same to [health minister] Chitalu Chilufya? This is a minister whom a government wing has taken to court because they feel that he is corrupt. But, typical of Mr Lungu’s inconsistencies, he proclaims a presumption of innocence on Chilufya. Why wasn’t the same presumption of innocence pronounced on Mabumba?” he asked.

And Changala said Rev Sumaili was wasting taxpayer’s money in the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs.

Rev Sumaili defended Mabumba, asking those that had not committed sin to cast the first stone at him.

She used a Biblical narrative about a Samaritan woman caught in adultery, but when the Pharisees took her to Jesus Christ for stoning according to Jewish law at the time, he told them that whoever had not committed sin should be the first one to cast stone.

“I don’t know what the role of this Minister of Religious Affairs is in this country. This is a country that has denied entry to [South African singer] Zodwa wa Bantu because she does not put on underwear. According to Sumaili, Zondwa is more of a sinner than herself who is a hypocrite. But Sumaili never said anything when Sichalwe posted a pornographic video on the Internet; she was quiet. And now she is defending Mabumba’s immoral act, what kind of a religious affairs minister is she?” asked Changala. “The religious affairs ministry is gobbling money for doing nothing, and it is being led by one woman who is a hypocrite. This ministry must be abolished immediately; it is just wasting taxpayer’s money. That teaching she has used is a weak teaching used mainly by fake pastors and those who have got no moral standing. Sumaili is condemning a woman who has no underwear but she’s protecting a minister who is involved in producing pornography. Not even our Lord God Almighty is happy with Sumaili because she is a failure hiding in the gospel.”

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