Headline Matters with Chambwa: The Promised Land

Welcome to a new month! So much has happened over the past few days. Look at you! I don’t mean any obscenity you could have watched. I can’t particularly link today’s Headline Matters to that, trendy as it may be to you. But before I totally abandon that libidinous topic, I can only advise that laugh about such nakedness, as much as you learn some salient life lessons from it. That’s it!

But we are back to our routine life; power outages, COVID-19 donations, ward by-elections, and name it. I said it one Sunday that lean economic activities, due to COVID-19, have resulted into thinner wallets and purses.

Hunger, the past few years, has been crushing. Despondency, too! If you like, it’s been a life of gloom and doom! To some well-fed fellow, this is nothing but partisan politics. But do I care? Damn it! To a fraught family in Maramba in Livingstone, Chamboli in Kitwe, Masala in Ndola, Chaisa in Lusaka, Shampande in Choma, Makululu in Kabwe and Nabvutika in Chipata, this is welcome activism. But I don’t do this for tributes at all.

While 2020 races to the end, you hear this and that one speaking about 2021, with radiance. I mean, there are only 151 days from today August 2, 2020 before it is January 1, 2021. But what is in 2021? I can’t say with certainty because we are now all in 2020. However, it has been painted like 2021 is the PROMISED LAND of some kind. Live long to attest to that, poor Zambian!

By the way, let’s not forget that August is a distinguished month. Why? Next Sunday is my birthday! Should I tell you what I expect from you? Ah! What can I demand from kaput and overdrawn citizens? Nonetheless, you can still adorn me with some confetti, if at all we will meet in the Promised Land. For now, it’s tick-tock. So be it!
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