HELP MABUMBA…don’t mock him – Mambo

CHIKONDI Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has urged Zambians not to mock former general education minister David Mabumba but to embrace him and help him recover from the embarrassment.

And Bishop Mambo says Zambians must draw lessons from Mabumba’s ‘disgrace’ instead of condemnation.

On Tuesday evening, nude pictures and videos of Mabumba from a private WhatsApp video call emerged and were widely shared on social media.

On Wednesday, President Edgar Lungu dismissed Mabumba from his ministerial position and replaced him with Dennis Wachinga.

But Bishop Mambo described the leaked video of the former minister as sad.
“We are a Christian nation, and I expect the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs [Godfridah Sumaili] to come out in the open and provide council. To quote the scripture, to say, ‘when you find your father naked, pick a towel and cover his nakedness. But if you are going to rejoice, it is the country’s moral standing that is gone’,” Bishop Mambo said. “To us who think to be clever, you must learn one thing. When you see a man fall, don’t laugh but learn because you are going in the same route. It can happen but it is just that you have not been found, but all of us are found wanting.”

He said Zambians must draw lessons from David Mabumba’s video and desist from engaging in bad vices.

“To the Zambian people who are mocking him, you should not be doing that to a man who needs your help; embrace Mabumba. Chaona muzako chapita, maba chili pali iwe (what has happened to someone today could happen to you tomorrow). Learn from such mistakes and know that one day it will be you. Let’s remove politics and help our brother to get back to his feet,” Bishop Mambo urged. “If we were to be followed, each one of us will be found wanting. Moreover, vengeance is for God and true forgiveness is His. So, let us emulate God by doing what is right to serve a brother. Mabumba needs every one of us; he has a family. If we continue attacking him, it’s not only him who is affected but also his relatives, wife and children.”

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