‘Keep those things in your trousers, they’re not meant to ruin young girls’ lives’

NYANJE Local Court judge Daniel Lichilana says he is disappointed with how young girls are being deprived of their education in the name of marriage.

Justice Lichilana expressed disappointment over the neglect of a 20-year-old schoolgirl barely a month into marriage, by her 27-year-old man.

He told people that the government was trying to educate the girl child at great cost yet men were busy interfering with those efforts.

“This is not normal. You parents, what do you advise your children? Surely you impregnated this girl, you abandon her, letting her strive to keep the child alone! You blindfold her with marriage and only a month in marriage, you run away from her! Is this normal?” he asked. “Currently, you all know how the government is sensitising against early marriages. Parents, you know children are young, you even bless the marriage! They may be above 18 years but you have to look at the maturity and the future of these young ones! It’s sad and it pains me to have such cases before me…”

Justice Lichilana said private organs were a gift from God but abusing them was against God.

He advised men to keep their private organs in their trousers if they cause them to abuse and break young girls’ future.

“Can you keep those things in your trousers; we were not given them for us to ruin other people’s lives, especially the young ones. Keep them to yourselves. Let the young girls grow and become responsible beings in life,” justice Lichilana said.

He wondered what parents think the young ones would be if at a tender age they are exposed to marital issues.

Justice Lichilana advised parents to ensure they educate children if they want poverty to run away from their families.

He said as long as young children, especially girls, are married off, prosperity of families is slim.

Justice Lichilana observed that a lot of cases that come before him pertain to marital disputes.

He wondered if marriages were well understood.

Justice Lichilana also noted that a lot of parents failed to raise young girls into productive women because they expected their children to be impregnated for them to be paid ‘damage’ fines.

“I think you have made it a business for young girls at school to be impregnated so that you are paid hugely…this is sad to be frank. Are these girls you saw before me worth to be impregnated? No! No! This is a shame and even the marriage councillors ought to come in and fight this trend out,” justice Lichilana said.

He charged the 27-year-old man who decided to divorce the 20-year-old lady K3,000 for divorce, K300 every month, K150 every month in child maintenance.

He said if the girl will present a maternity leave form from school, the man’s family will be asked to sponsor the girl to go back to school.

The young man told court that he was failing to perform sexually with her woman, whom he accused of bewitching him.

But justice Lichilana said the young man had accepted to marry the girl just to escape damage fines.

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