New generation will kick out mediocrity – Mwamba

MWAMBA Peni says the new generation of voters will revolutionalise the country’s politics and kick out what he termed mediocrity in next year’s elections.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Peni, a policy analyst, urged all political players to focus on the new voters.

“What is clear with the new generation is that it will no doubt revolutionalise our politics and kick out the mediocrity we have been subjected to in terms of players, messages and general conduct. And if existing political players do not adjust their methods and ways to attract this critical mass, they are in for a rude shock come next year,” he said. “Now that CSO projections are that the number of new voters will grow by 6 million in 2021, that compounded by those who didn’t vote should be the focus of political parties because that is the demography that will determine the 2021 elections. You can still maintain the same support base you got in 2016 but still lose. Therefore, understanding why the 2,916,867 voters, notwithstanding those who died or lost their cards or NRC’s, did not find any of the participating parties then attractive is cardinal.”

Mwamba, who highlighted figures for the 2016 elections, said campaign songs and t-shirts would not influence the new generation.

“Suffice to say, we had 6,698,372 registered voters in 2016. And only 3,781,505 voted and the rest, 2,916,867, did not vote. Granted that someone had galvanised only 65 per cent of those who didn’t vote in 2016 to vote for them, that gives you 1,895,963.55 votes, slightly higher than what the winner and runner-up got in 2016. ECL and HH got 1,860,877 and 1,760,347 respectively,” said Mwamba. “As for the new generation, they may not be influenced by songs, t-shirts or chitenges as the case has been before. Moreover, the agents you send to address this young generation or the methods used before may not appealing to them. The point of departure is understanding their aspirations, needs and mindsets. Although they belong to the same generation, do not take it for granted that they share the same world views. Therefore, create social stratums according to needs and interests then come up with tailor-made messages and methods for each stratum.”

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