SP distributes newsletters countrywide

THE Socialist Party has observed that the high cost of living has made it difficult for many citizens to follow news through mainstream media.

The party has started distributing its monthly news bulletins countrywide, starting with the July 2020 edition.

In a statement, party spokesperson Rehoboth Kafwabulula said it was out of such realisation that they decided to distribute the document freely.

“The high cost of living makes it difficult for many Zambians to access and follow news through the mainstream media. The masses of our people are therefore left out of the critical day-to-day information provided by the media.
It is with this realisation that we have decided to distribute these monthly newsletters free of charge. We look forward to sharing our revolutionary agenda and progress in a much broader way henceforth,” said Kafwabulula.

“Today [Friday], the Socialist Party is excited to carry you along its newest milestone. At our Party Congress held in September 2019, the membership made a collective resolution to publish a monthly newsletter detailing the progress of our party and continually sharing our values and perspectives on several issues. Today we are pleased to present to you our first issue of this monthly publication. The party leadership will continue to give the necessary guidance to ensure that we fulfill all the Congress resolutions and forge ahead to transform our country.”

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