Lungu’s ending will be very bad

Sylvia Masebo says she feels sorry for Edgar Lungu because he will be a lone man.

Indeed, the ending of Edgar will be very bad.

“This administration we are dealing with is not like Kaunda, not like Chiluba, not like Mwanawasa, not like Rupiah Banda, not even like ba Sata. We are dealing with mafias that want to control everything. But I feel sorry for President Edgar Lungu. Why can’t he run the country properly than allowing boys to mislead him? He is failing to lead the country. Even the OP (intelligence) he can’t listen to them, but wants to listen to boys who will praise him. It is an unprecedented administration that does not respect the rule of law,” says Masebo.

Edgar doesn’t listen to any voice of reason. He only listens to the crooks, savages who surround him and his own inner demons. Edgar never yields on anything. But what Edgar doesn’t seem to realise is that not backing down is not necessarily a sign of strength. It is actually a sign of weakness. Being stiff-necked is not being reasonable.

Unlike all the other presidents this country has had, Edgar has no restraint. But as Dr Fred M’membe has consistently said, “The exercise of power must be a constant practice of self-limitation and modesty.” Uncontrolled power is like a car with a lot of engine power but without breaks – it crashes badly. And Edgar’s ending will be disastrous.

Of course, Edgar has made it very clear that he will crush anyone who tries to stand in his way “like a tonne of bricks”. But he should be reminded of the wise saying that “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”.

Edgar is the most cruel politician Zambia has ever seen. But his cruelty will in the end devour him. Throughout history tyrants have always ended badly. And will be no exception.

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