PF ADMITS LOSING POPULARITY…political timidity of Mr Hakainde helping us remain afloat – MCC source

UNPOPULAR as PF is at the moment, we shall win next year and that will mark the end of the UPND in this country, a PF central committee member has said.

He requested for anonymity.

The source said while the PF was battling for supremacy, the “political timidity” of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had gifted the governing party.

The narration is suggestive of poetic justice.

“At the moment, the PF has lost a lot of popularity. We are down the wire where popularity is concerned. We have become very much unpopular, especially among the town population [like on] Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups,” the source said.

“But the political timidity of Mr Hakainde has very much helped us to remain a little afloat. There is some respite on our part! Can you imagine if there was someone to keep the PF on its toes amidst this unpopularity! What could have remained of us?”

He continued: “coming to your question [of the PF’s recent ward by-election victories], what is happening [is that] we are a playing PR (public relations) on people, or what you may call image-building.”

The source explained that the PF was merely creating an impression that no wind of change was coming in 2021.

“We will continue sweeping these wards (by-elections) and look at even the reception now; just these wards we swept people, including those who strongly believed that Mr Hakainde can win next year, have started shaking their heads,” the source said. “So, come the next round of by-elections, including parliamentary ones in Mwansabombwe and Kasama (Lukashya Constituency), we are going to get everything. All these councillors resigning in rural Copperbelt are part of our PR process to change the narrative of possible wind of change.”

The source added that once the PF “sweep everything in the next round of by-elections, Zambians would have now completely looked elsewhere, not at Mr Hakainde.”

“If anything, KBF (Kelvin Fube Bwalya) is even more problematic for the PF now, not Mr Hakainde. It’s a little difficult to know what KBF is planning to do against us,” the source said. “But for Mr Hakainde, it’s too plain for everyone that he is a timid man and yet he brands himself as a kachema (herdsman) from Bweengwa! Where have you seen a kachema who is that timid? Can he defend cattle from a hyena with his fear? (Laughs)! Just with ward victories, the PF has once again won the hearts of Zambians!” the source said. “We will continue sweeping them and let Mr Hakainde continue throwing memes on his Facebook and Twitter. We are on the ground mobilising people in our villages around the country and when an election comes, those are the people to help the boat.”

The source further touted the UPND and Hichilema to continue mobilising their supporters on social media.

“We shall see come 2021! It’s like I’m now even offering free political consultancy to Mr Hakainde. But it’s fine; he can’t react in any way because he is afraid of coronavirus. We thank him for his timidity and he is a good man,” he mocked. “But at least I have been very much honest with you to tell you that PF is not enjoying any popularity now, especially in towns.”

Asked what the party was doing to ramp-up its fortunes in towns, the source answered that the party’s mobilisation teams would not give up.

“We are going to reach out to every town to convince people. Moreover, our social media platforms will continue doing party PR. So, it shall not be easy for UPND in 2021. Unpopular as PF is at the moment, we shall win next year and that will mark the end of the UPND in this country,” the source said. “Actually, it’s good for UPND supporters to start licking their wounds now because like Bembas say, tacakawame (it won’t be nice).”

Asked to elaborate on the PF’s fear of KBF, the source countered: “No! No! No! It’s not fearing him.”

“I simply mentioned his name to give you a comparison between KBF and the Facebook man (Hichilema). KBF can’t upset the PF; we’re very much watching every political step he takes. So, there’s no fear,” the source said.

On whether or not President Edgar Lungu was unpopular as he said the PF was, the source answered: “obviously. How do you detach the captain from the ship?”

“So, even when I say Mr Hakainde is politically timid, that means the whole UPND leadership is. The Kakomas, Katukas, Nalumango, Gary, and everybody; there is no exception,” explained the source. “Let them continue with their timidity because if they rise from the dead, in the Lazarus fashion, and I’m not being blasphemous, then the PF would be gone. We are now simply relying on playing PR and I think it’s working well so far.”

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