Address uncontrolled settlements, Anglican Church urge govt

ANGLICAN Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Mchombo says government should work towards addressing uncontrolled settlements.

And chief Sandwe of the Nsenga people in Lusangazi says he is impressed with Kachele Development Programme for supplementing government effort in provision of water in the district.

Commissioning four boreholes that were sunk by Kachele Development Programme in Lusangazi on Friday, Bishop Mchombo said the national cake cannot meet all the needs of the people and that stakeholders like churches should come in and render a helping hand.

“It is for this reason that the Anglican Church, through Kachele Development Programme, has come in to support the government of the day. We would like to thank chief Sandwe for welcoming us in his chiefdom and the council chairperson for welcoming us in his district,” he said. “We’ve noted that there is almost uncontrolled way of settlements where people settle anywhere without looking at facilities in those areas. We would like to appeal to the government, through the district council chairperson and the district administrative officer, that let there be a controlled way of settling our people so that before people settle, facilities like health centres, schools and water are supplied.”

Bishop Mchombo said the water situation in Mudonsa area where close to 22 villages were sharing one borehole was bad.

He said the cost of the boreholes sunk in Sandwe chiefdom was about K160,000 in the first phase.

Bishop Mchombo thanked Cross International of USA for the support.

Kachele Development Programme executive director Martin Tembo said KDP was the social arm of the Anglican Church whose aim was to help reduce poverty in the province.

“In our contribution towards poverty reduction, we realise that bringing safe and clean drinking water to this district can help. Our vision is to provide social services in a sustainable manner, ensuring quality and equity livelihood. We aim to reach the most deprived women, youths and children. We realise that these categories are the ones that face most challenges at household level,” Tembo said.

He said KDP was cognisant of the high poverty levels in Eastern Province.

Tembo urged the beneficiaries to take care of the boreholes.

He said with support from Cross International of USA, Kachele had sunk 51 boreholes in its operational area since 2016 and constructed 40 VIP latrines.

Tembo said water was life and an important resource.

And chief Sandwe expressed gratitude to KDP and the Anglican Church for the provision of water.

He said the Anglican Church was one of the churches that had been rendering various services such as health and education, among others, to the people.

Sandwe challenged his subjects to ensure that they contributed funds that would help in the maintenance of the boreholes.

Lusangazi Council chairperson William Banda said being a new district, Lusangazi had a lot of needs.

Banda said government was doing a lot to help improve the living standards of the people.

He said Sandwe area was benefitting from the Rural Electrification Authority.

Banda said government was also working on the roads such as the Petauke-Sandwe-Chilongozi road.

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