FOOTBALL Association of Zambia presidential candidate Joseph Nkole says the COVOD-19 experience is a wake-up call for FAZ to develop a strong and responsive constitution.

Nkole says it is unfortunate that the FAZ constitution does not cover instances of premature ending of the league as a result of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.

“Whatever is happening around the world as a result of the coronavirus is really unfortunate. In our case, this should be a lesson to have a strong FAZ constitution. The decision on how the league should end in case of a force majeure should not be decided by the executive, it should be written in the constitution,” he said.

Giving an example of DR Congo where the country’s football federation’s constitution provides for a league end in the event of a force majeure, Nkole said FAZ could also learn from there.

Nkole added that one of his deliverables if elected would be to have strong league regulations that would clearly spell out, among many rules, how and which team should be crowned champions or relegated from a particular league.

“I have always said that we need to have the Super Division run on its own and manage its own affairs. Why should the FAZ executive be the one to decide how the championship should end without even consulting the teams?” he wondered.

“I am not saying FAZ shouldn’t have prematurely closed the league or that it should have carried on. All I am advising is that this is a lesson for us and going forward, we should do things differently and even consult the stakeholders.”

He said the issue of the coronavirus should not be about football camps but football stakeholders must work together to ensure that players’ and officials’ lives are preserved.

“I don’t believe in camps. I stand for neutrality but whether you’re in this camp or that one, we need to find solutions and even anticipate problems by providing for unforeseen circumstances in our FAZ constitution,” said Nkole.

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