PF fueling COVID-19 cases for begging purposes – Sikaile

[By Oliver Chisenga and Edwin Mbulo]

GOOD Governance and Human rights activist Sikaile Sikaile says the corrupt and thieving government of President Edgar Lungu is desperately pushing for an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases so that they use it to beg for money.

And chief Hamusonde of Monze says the PF regime is sick and contagious.

In a statement yesterday, Sikaile, however, said President Lungu and his minions in PF should know that it was criminal for them to continue hiding under COVID-19 restrictions to disadvantage the opposition exercising their democratic rights.

“Few days ago, the UPND through Mazabuka Central member of parliament Garry Nkombo, asked health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya, as to why UPND was being discriminated by being arrested by the police whenever they wanted to hold their intra-party elections on the pretense that the police under Kampyongo were enforcing CIOVID-19 guidelines,” Sikaile said.

He recalled that not long ago, President Lungu’s number one man, Bowman Lusambo, went round Lusaka, beating citizens claiming to be enforcing the same COVID-19 restrictions.

Further, Sikaile recalled that in his submission before the Speaker, Nkombo, cited various occasions involving the PF government seen violating the stipulated guidelines against the fight for COVID-19.

“It’s on record that Lungu in his usual cruel, arrogant and dictatorial intoxicated reasoning has been holding political rallies and funding induced by-elections which has resulted in the violations of COVID-19 guidelines,” he said.

Sikaile recalled that in Dr Chitalu Chilufya’s response to Nkombo, he argued that the PF government’s interest was to make sure that rules and regulations for the fight against the spread of COVID-19 were followed by everyone through acting responsibly.

He noted that shockingly on Monday the entire PF government and their cadres held a huge public gathering without observing social distancing during the commissioning of a simple, incomplete flyover in Lusaka.

“All PF aligned media houses quoted the act as triumphant entry into the venue during the commissioning of the Decongestion of Lusaka Roads in Makeni by President Edgar Lungu,” Sikaile said adding, “My question to Chitalu Chilufya, is that, the acting responsibly you talked about in parliament, is it the same your boss Lungu showed in Makeni?”

Sikaile said looking at the behaviour by President Lungu, it was very clear now that he was happy seeing citizens dying out of COVID-19 related cases.

He said President Lungu together with his government were now suppliers of COVID-19.

“They want us to die so that they use it as an excuse to go and beg for donor aid and later steal the same money. Let all donors ask Lungu and PF government whether they are acting responsibly. It is just last week when the PF government tasked Chitalu Chilufya to go and beg for money for COVID-19.

In a space of three weeks, PF government reported on ZNBC, that they had channeled COVID-19 funds to road constitution projects,” Sikaile said.

With what he termed criminal behavior by PF ‘thieves’, Sikaile said he does not think there was any nation or financial institution that would give or lend the corrupt PF government money.

He recalled that this is the same government and Ministry of Health being headed by Dr Chilufya which paid $17 million dollars to a ghost company to supply drugs to Zambia.

Sikaile insisted that PF were criminals, who have no shame anymore.

“The President Lungu’s behaviour is risking so many lives during the second wave of COVID-19. Citizens are now doubting whether we truly have COVID-19 in Zambia or not,” said Sikaile.

And chief Hamusonde says: “There is nothing that can make someone safe if money meant for the health sector is going into people’s pockets.”

In an interview, Hamusonde of Bweengwa west of Monze said the PF was spread COVID-19.

“They are transplanting COVID-19 to areas that were safe. The management of the deadly COVID-19 has not been good, especially under Dr Chitalu Chilufya. Now we hear that he is in court…I can’t comment much but to say that these guys in PF are sick and contagious. We are in danger as Zambians,” Hamusonde said.

He added that there was need to be prudent with donor funds and any revelation that it is being abused or stolen makes the donor community unhappy.

“We need to be serious with national issues and how public funds are being utilised. The health sector is sensitive and there can never be anything that makes one safe if the money is going into people’s pockets instead of service delivery,” said Hamusonde.

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