Will Lungu manage to get his Bill Third Term through?

Whenever you see Edgar Lungu vigorously pushing for something know that there’s personal interest or benefit in it for him.

National interest has never been Edgar’s motivation in doing anything. And this is exactly the case with Bill 10. They wouldn’t go to the extent of bribing opposition members of parliament to vote for Bill 10 and be so persistent on getting it through if it wasn’t personal interest or benefit. And if it wasn’t personal political survival Bill 10 wouldn’t be there at all.

And Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu of Lusaka Archdiocese is right in saying “the shameful Bill No. 10 should have been correctly called Bill third term for Lungu”.

“They are tampering with the Constitution in order to perpetuate themselves in power. They will be remaining there to continue maladministration in this country. It is a shameful bill! That Bill 10 they should have simply called it Bill third term [because] they want to give a third term to Lungu,” says Archbishop Mpundu. “That’s what it is! What they see in that (Bill 10) is not only to perpetuate Lungu in State House but also it is designed in a way such that perhaps one person among those who are aspiring to become [presidential] candidates will be disqualified. It is criminal! So, it is a shameful bill [and] it should be withdrawn. Anyone who has been elected twice as President of the Republic of Zambia cannot run for a [third time]. This is what has happened to Lungu; (being elected twice). So, he is not eligible.”

And the unfortunate thing is that Edgar is not a person who abandons anything he has set his mind and eyes on no matter how senseless, ridiculous or unacceptable it may be. He is ready to crush anyone who tries to stand in his way “like a tonne of bricks “.

Edgar is trying very hard to manipulate everything to get Bill 10 through. Will he succeed? We don’t know. But if he fails that will be the end of his rule and probably that of the Patriotic Front.

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