MP urges govt to probe ‘mysterious’ deaths in Sinazongwe

SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo has disclosed that people in his constituency are alarmed at the increasing number of mysterious deaths resulting from COVID-19 related symptoms that have hit the district in the past one week.

Speaking after the funeral of UPND youth Lameshi Sinamugulu, Sialubalo appealed to the government to quickly dispatch health personnel to ascertain whether the cause of mysterious deaths in Sinazongwe was COVID-19.

“We are alarmed with what is obtaining in Sinazongwe regarding the increase in number of deaths being recorded as a result of short illnesses, with some just collapsing with BP, some vomiting blood and others flu. People now have started dying like chickens. Every day there is a burial and more are dying of short illnesses every day in Sinazongwe, a thing that has never been seen before,” he said. “We are calling on the Ministry of Health to come and test people for COVID-19. We want government to do exactly what is obtaining in Lusaka now where there is massive testing. That should be done to the people of Sinazongwe.”

Sialubalo said despite people taking precautions by social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing and masking, it was not enough because majority of them were still travelling to conduct businesses in Lusaka.

“As you are aware that the source of business in Zambia, you have to be connected to Lusaka and you know what is obtaining in Lusaka. So it’s very easy to catch the virus while there and also those who are travelling from Lusaka to Sinazongwe to conduct fishing and kapenta business as well as truckers that carry coal from Maamba on a daily basis,” he explained.

Sialubalo disclosed that the situation was porous hence the reason for the Ministry of Health to quickly move in and test people in the area.

“And even along Batoka-Maamba Road there must be a permanent testing centre. So far just this week alone, we have recorded eight deaths of well-known figures and as an MP on a daily basis I’m receiving calls to assist at a funeral,” he said. “But when life is normal it takes one to two or three months to hear of a funeral in Sinazongwe being a rural area. But what is obtaining now is alarming. I’m not a health expert to tell that this is Covid but just the deaths are enough to show that there is something wrong in our district.”

And Sialubalo said the late Sinamugulu worked hard to ensure that the party forms government next year.

“We have really lost a gallant soldier under district youth wing for UPND. It’s unfortunate that when someone has planted enough and before they could yield fruits they die. Such a person deserved to have lived to benefit from the fruits they have fought for seeing to it that HH [Hakainde Hichilema] and UPND forms government come 2021,” said Sialubalo. “As MP I will see how I can help his widow and children that the deceased has left because he fought for the party and everyone. We can’t just forget like that, no.”

Sinazongwe district youth chairman George Bbabi said it would be difficult to replace Sinamugulu.

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