When leaders begin to fall, it’s not a good sign – Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has told believers to pray even more when they see political leaders start falling.

On Sunday, Kalaba congregated at Consuming Fire Ministries and later at Embassy of Christ Churches, all in Nampundwe area of Shibuyunji district – Central Province.

He was accompanied by party national secretary Precious Ntambu and other officials.

Kalaba told believers at either church that the Body of Christ had the inescapable responsibility of praying for Zambia.

“When [political] leaders begin to fall, it’s not a good sign. When you see that things are not going the way they should go in the country, you should not celebrate that ‘let them see.’ That becomes an opportunity for you to stand up and petition God,” Kalaba said. “We are going towards elections next year and we the children of God must ensure that we pray for our leaders. As the prophet Isaiah says in the Bible, when the spirit of the enemy comes like a might thunder, the spirit of the Lord will raise the standards.”

He stressed that Christians must not be defined by current mortal happenings.

“We need to be beyond the current situation. Zambia needs to be prayed for and prayed for seriously! This is a covenant nation,” Kalaba said.

“We are in very difficult times. This is the time we ask Christians to begin standing in the gap, especially now that we are headed towards elections next year.”

He also reminded Christians to proclaim Isaiah 54 verse 17 on Zambia.

The cited Bible verse says ‘no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn…’

“Once we do that, Zambia will be okay. Let’s pray for our leaders and the country itself so that ulufyengo (injustice), violence, tribalism can reduce or indeed gotten rid of. The Bible tells us that Christians shall be the head, and not the tail,” noted Kalaba.

At Consuming Fire Ministries, the opposition leader fulfilled an unrevealed financial pledge to the Church, made in December last year.

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