A number of NMC are just being carried…KAZABU DESIRES UPND CONVENTION

WE need new faces of men and women in UPND who can offer some inspiration, says Luxon Kazabu

He says Hakainde Hichilema is just a team leader of UPND and should not take all the blame if certain things are not being done.

In an interview, Kazabu a former Nkana PF member of parliament said Hichilema’s safety is paramount.

“On the National Management Committee (NMC), I think there are a few people who are making their due contributions to things that we expect them to do,” he said. “But quite a number are just being carried and that is the more reason some of us are hoping for the national general assembly so that maybe we can have new faces of men and women who can offer inspiration by doing what leaders ought to do.”

Kazabu admitted that the UPND leader has not been out and about, but stressed that the reason was because of COVID-19.

He said Hichilema and the UPND should not fall to into the PF trap of holding huge gatherings which may endanger the lives of Zambians.

“There are people who are saying if president Hakainde Hichilema does not come out, a new leader may emerge. I think that the view is insensitive to the safety of HH. We would be expecting too much of him to start traversing the country as it would be against the COVID-19 regulations and the same people will jump at it and start accusing him of breaking the regulations. Let’s not fall in the trap that the PF is in,” said Kazabu. “It’s not so much about what Hakainde Hichilema should do, I think he has and continues to have a lot on his shoulder. We are a UPND team, HH is only a leader of the team. If certain things are not happening, you can’t apportion the blame on the team leader, but the whole team.”

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