Politicians will befriend, seek church advice ahead of 2021 polls – Nyoni

CHIPATA Diocese pastoral coordinator Fr Gabriel Nyoni says politicians will start seeking advice from the Church in the run up to 2021 elections but will turn against the institution after getting into power.

In his sermon during mass at St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Nyoni wondered why politicians change after getting into power.

“You know it’s very interesting nowadays. 2021 we will have elections and we will be receiving politicians coming to seek advice from the church, coming to pray in the church, coming to show oneness between them and the church,” he said. “Now we are friends (politicians and the church) very good friends and they (politicians) will make any effort to pray even if they are not Catholics, even if they are not Christians, even if they don’t belong to whatever Church, they will pray.”

Fr Nyoni said politicians change when they get into power.

“Let them get into political power ‘no imwe your place is the pulpit stay there, leave politics to us’. Ah tapatukana bwanji lero (Why have we separated today)? Worse still if the statement is issued against a political ill, an economic ill and a social ill, they will tell you that ‘you don’t understand these things – yours is a bible, leave these things to us, we are the experts not you’,” he said.

Fr Nyoni said people should never ever lose the sight of God even when they are passing through difficult times.

“God is ever present in the strongest wind of our lives, in the darkest moments of our lives. In the deepest valley of our lives God is ever present,” he said. “The challenge is to have faith in the presence of God, He is there in the smallest breeze. God is there in silence.”

Fr Nyoni said sometimes couples become happy when making marriage vows but the situation changes during the course of their wedding.

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