We’ll cry more if we make wrong choices next year, warns Kapoche aspirant

KAPOCHE Constituency 2021 aspirant Luckson Lungu has urged the electorates to vote wisely next year or continue crying.

Speaking to people at Seba village on Sunday, Lungu said from 2016 to date, the area member of Parliament Dr Charles Banda has not provided what people need because he disappeared after he was voted in and resurfaced after smelling next year’s elections.

He advised people to assess and see which person could better represent them based on their needs rather than choosing those that cheat them.

“From 2016 to date we have been crying and from 2021 to 2026, we will cry more if we make wrong choices next year. Let’s be wise, let’s open our eyes and do the right thing that will benefit us and our families,” he said.

He told the people that as the nation draws close to 2021 elections, a lot of people would cheat them but advised them to remain with the person who had been to their aid during time of hardship.

“A lot of people will come to lie [to] us here but let’s see to it that a person we have been with in our hardship and good times is the one we shall support. Let’s not be cheated or else we will suffer,” Lungu cautioned.

He said Kapoche Constituency lacks development because people have been voting for leaders with empty pockets who then want to fill their pockets before thinking about the people who elected them to be what they are.

He revealed that it hurts him to see people suffer as if they do not have a member of parliament hence decided to contest next year to ensure that people of Kapoche are well represented.

He told the people to elect him next year if his works were good and they feel he could make a good leader.

“If truly you have seen that my works are good and you are helped while I have a single hand, give me another hand so that I help you more starting from next year. You are our bosses and we ought to respect you because you are the ones that choose and remove leaders. If they can’t give you what you sent them for, then replace them with fresh blood,” Lungu said.

He expressed disappointment that out of all the constituencies in the nation, Kapoche was one of those that lacked development yet a minister was representing it.

Lungu said Dr Banda should not lie that he was grading roads.
“It’s the President [Edgar Lungu] who is doing that countrywide after seeing the need for roads,” he said.

He challenged the electorates to get NRCs and voters cards to end their problems.

“If these problems hurt you, if what you go through pains you, then get NRCs and voters cards to use to remove what is not right for you and choose which one is okay for you. If we don’t vote, we will continue crying; these problems won’t end,” Lungu said.

He also reminded them to vote for President Edgar Lungu.

“We have to get a lot of voters cards and NRCs so that next year Edgar Lungu, our president wins. Edgar Lungu is our son in Eastern Province and on the president, if we don’t vote well, our president won’t win. Let’s do the best. President Lungu is not a bad person but the people he sends to bring development to us don’t bring because they are selfish,” said Lungu.

Meanwhile, former MMD Kapoche ward councillor Agrippa Banda said it hurts him to see how many developments left by the former ruling party had remained stalled due to poor leadership in Kapoche Constituency.

Banda said it is things like the pathetic 21-kilometre gravel road from Sinda to Nyanje Mission Hospital, and uncompleted clinic projects that prompt people to change leadership.

He said it was unfortunate that Dr Banda together with his councillors fail to help people quickly access FISP compared to Sinda member of Parliament Masauso Tembo.

“I am not doing politics but it hurts me, it affects me to see how people of Kapoche are being subjected to problems as if they don’t have leaders. Some of us benefit from Sinda MP Kazungula as if here we don’t have an MP. He [Tembo] fights for FISP together with his councillors but kuno bwanji (what about here?)” wondered Banda.

And headman Simulinda Tyford Lungu said he was one of the people that campaigned for Dr Banda, who now regards them as dogs.
He said despite being a village headman, he would start campaigning for Lungu.

“I completed form five with him (Dr Banda) even for him to win, it’s me and my friend Zaire but today he is doctor and we are regarded as dogs…” he said.

He told Mwaiwanu that people do not want his wealth but his good heart and they would surely vote for him.

“We don’t want to eat with you the wealth God gave you but your help to us is what we appreciate because a person who helps you in funeral is a friend indeed. We will vote for you,” said Simulinda

And 68-year-old Esnart Njobvu said problems in Kapoche Constituency mean that people do not have a member of parliament.
She said Kapoche Constituency residents are orphaned because their member of parliament was nowhere to be seen.

“Here in Kapoche we are behind, we are orphans, we don’t have an MP to represent us…” said Njobvu.

Lungu gave seven blankets to vulnerable people, including two disabled men.

He also donated two bags of salt for women to share.

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