Hichilema making entire PF panic with great fear – Liswaniso

UPND deputy national youth chairperson for politics Gilbert Liswaniso says even in his ‘silence’ Hakainde Hichilema aka Bally is making the entire PF panic with great fear and trembling.

In a statement yesterday, Liswaniso said the UPND leader was in the strongest alliance with the people of Zambia.

He was responding to PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri’s recent statement that while Hichilema was holed up in his comfortable house, the ruling party goes about meeting people.

Liswaniso said Phiri has exhibited her traditional Dutch courage, without fact checking her “stale political utterance”.

He said Phiri was not the right person to give consultancy to the UPND presidential campaign.

Liswaniso said the UPND youth wing found Phiri’s contention not only stinking and frivolous but an effort to cover-up her benefactor, President Edgar Lungu’s known undemocratic and dictatorial tendencies.

“We wonder why the PF is concerned about a non-issue and employ their destructive propaganda to justify the false claims that president Hakainde Hichilema is not campaigning,” he said.

Liswaniso noted that wherever Hichilema goes, multitudes gather because the people love him dearly.

He said it had become clear to the UPND that the PF wanted Hichilema to go out amidst the COVID-19 so that they could later turn around and blame him for any spikes of the pandemic across the country.

“Could it be that the PF are looking forward to arresting him on flimsy grounds and use COVID-19 as a biological weapon against him? We have a right to question the PF tactics considering that president Hichilema has been arrested before for merely stopping over to greet members of the public,” Liswaniso said.

He said Phiri was very troubled to a point that “even in his ‘silence’ Hichilema is making the entire PF panic with great fear and trembling.”

Liswaniso urged Phiri to concentrate on helping President Lungu pack his bags rather than worry about the UPND leader.

“How deep is the bag of blames PF has against president Hichilema? We call upon Mrs Phiri to concentrate on helping Mr Lungu pack his bags and leave Mr Hichilema alone. By the way, here are some facts PF missed in the just ended 15 local government by-elections in which they spent like hell but harvested lesser votes,” Liswaniso said.

He revelead that the PF got a total of 7,978 in the 10 wards it won while the UPND got 7,499 votes in the five wards it won.

Liswaniso said attacks on Hichilema showed how uncomfortable President Lungu and the entire PF were with his strong nationwide popularity.

“The question is; out of 10 wards won, shouldn’t the PF have gotten double what UPND got in five wards if the ruling party was stronger than we are,” he asked.

Liswaniso said the more dirt the PF tries to throw at Hichilema, the more Zambians fall in love with him and the clearer the dream for a better Zambia becomes.

He said the opposition alliance was the only hope to move Zambia from the current destructive path PF had put the country on, into a united and prosperous nation.

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