Kazabu urges opposition to close ranks, forge formidable force against PF

LET’S close ranks and forge a formidable force against the PF, Luxon Kazabu has urged the opposition.

Kazabu says he has serious fears that Zambia will experience what it has never experienced in terms of bloodshed as 2021 draws near.

He has also appealed to the UN, SADC and the AU to intervene in the breakdown of the rule of law in Zambia instead of waiting until there is bloodshed.

In an interview, Kazabu, a former deputy minister in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, said Zambia would be worse in terms of police and PF brutality as 2021 nears.

“I want to agree with my brother Josephs Akafumba that we need to actualise the alliance. Let’s close ranks and forge a formidable force to dislodge PF. Let’s not leave this to one political party to fight battles with the PF. But it’s not only about the opposition political parties, it’s about all Zambians who must stand up and be counted,” Kazabu, a former Nkana PF member of parliament, said.

He said the political space for the opposition had been reduced to a level where PF cadres could now raid radio stations.

Kazabu said it was sad that even the police and PF ministers like Given Lubinda could also be beaten by PF cadres.

“PF cadres will not stop at nothing in their quest to see that their party remains in power, even when it is clear that they have failed. Wherever you look you see problems. In this era of COVID-19, they put up a show that endangers the lives of Zambians (in reference to the Makeni flyover commissioning),” he wondered. “The police have been beaten, Honourable Given Lubinda was beaten by PF cadres, so they will stop at nothing to see that they remain in power. I was watching what is happening in Zimbabwe and at the rate we are going, we will be worse as we get closer to 2021. I have serious fears that we may experience what we have not experienced before if PF cadres can storm a radio station thinking that HH is in the station when he is sitting at his house in Lusaka and live on a radio station using technology, say in Muchinga Province. We have not forgotten the deaths of Mapenzi Chibulo and [Vespers] Shimunzhila of UNZA and people that committed these atrocities are still free. This is what happens in a dictatorship. I totally agree with Bishop Telesphore Mpundu that we are living under a dictatorship.”

Kazabu said Zambia was part of the global community and thus the UN and regional bodies need to act before it is too late.

“SADC, the AU and the UN should not wait until there is bloodshed. This is the time to raise the voices about the atrocities and injustice that are being committed by the PF. It will not do for them to wait until blood has been spilled. I also appeal to PF leaders to tolerate us because we are also citizens of this country. They have to give us space as they also enjoy. We don’t need a police permit, we just need to notify the police seven days before assembly, that is what the law says,” Kazabu said.

He said the opposition also needs to use the state owned media like the ZNBC but he noted that the media was under threat following the closure of Prime TV.

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