NKOLEMFUMU COMPLAINS TO PF…why developmental projects elude my chiefdom?

[By Kelvin Siabana in Kasama]

CHIEF Nkolemfumu of the Bemba of Kasama district has regretted lack of suitable roads and health facilities in Lukashya and other areas in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader said Lukashya had lagged behind in terms of development and that the government was aware about the challenges.

He told Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila and his entourage that visited him recently that his chiefdom had not received any development since the demise of president Michael Sata.

He said if there was something that he had done wrong for the government to ignore his area, it was better to be told the truth rather than starving the people of the much-needed development.

“I do not know why developmental projects or other government programmes elude my chiefdom, maybe I have made a mistake which I do not know, because if the chiefdom is developed it is not me who will benefit greatly but the people,” Nkolemfumu said.

He said his chiefdom needed a good road network for farmers, fishermen and other small-scale and medium entrepreneurs to do business with others outside the chiefdom.

Nkolemfumu said the area was neglected because even the bridges were damaged.

He said Lukashya Constituency which was under his chiefdom was behind because politicians have come and gone without doing much, contrary to what they had promised the people before they were voted into office.

Nkolemfumu said late former president Frederick Chiluba did his part and worked hard during his time to bring multipartism and democracy in the country which opened the minds of the people.

He said even late president Levy Mwanawasa’s administration had worked accordingly by uplifting the living standards of the traditional leaders in the country by empowering them with motor vehicles for easy movement.

Nkolemfumu said it was sad that Lukashya Constituency had not received much of the required development as expected by electorate.

He said the constituency faces many challenges, which were not being addressed by relevant government authorities.

Nkolemfumu said the only parliamentarians who run to the aid of his chiefdom whenever need arises were Malole’s Christopher Yaluma of Mungwi district and Kasama Central’s Kelvin Sampa.

He said the person who is supposed to be elected as a parliamentarian in Lukashya should have the heart for the traditional leaders and the people for sustainable development to take place in the area.

Nkolemfumu said this time people have realised and were not supporting politics of appeasement which would only benefit an individual seeking and pleading for votes.

He said following the death of the independent member of parliament for Lukashya Constituency Mwenya Munkonge last month, a lot of politicians from different political parties would be trekking to lure people to vote for their candidates.

Nkolemfumu advised political parties that would participate in the by-election to field local candidates and not an outsider.

“As the chiefdom, we are appealing to the government for assistance; we are in urgent need of development for the area to open up to other parts of Kasama because development is cardinal in the lives of the people,” Nkolemfumu said.

He said he was sad because other chiefs in Northern Province had benefited from government propelled developmental projects but that his chiefdom had not received anything since the demise of Sata.

And Mwila said the ruling party had a policy to work with traditional leaders because they were key stakeholders in the development of the nation.

He told Nkolemfumu that he had taken note of the challenges the chiefdom was facing and the message would be delivered to the government of the day.

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