Sensele questions economic benefit of cameras in L/stone

FORMER Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele has questioned the cost and economic value of the installation of security cameras in the tourist capital.

The government is currently installing state-of-the-art security cameras around the city.

Recently, a full Livingstone council meeting heard that many of the youths employed to install the cameras have been brought in from other towns, instead of engaging local youths.

In an interview, Sensele said the PF government should have prioritised the Livingstone-Sesheke road which would have boosted trade with neighbouring Namibia.

“What economic benefit are the cameras being installed have on our lives? What is the cost of the project? We need to know. It’s our money that they are using. We only have petty thieves here so who are they targeting? They should have instead improved the welfare of the police officers, many of whom live in dilapidated one-bedroomed houses built by our colonial masters,” Sensele said.

He said the government should also instead have installed traffic lights at the junction of Mutelo and Musi-oa-Tunya road near the Livingstone Museum, and also at the junction of the Musi-oa-Tunya and Airport road to control the ever increasing traffic in the city.

Sensele said roads in Dambwa North, Nottie Broadie and Maramba-Libuyu should also have been worked on.

He said a government house meant for a high court judge was also in a bad state and should have been rehabilitated.

“If the Sesheke road is done it can help make trade between Zambia and Namibia easy as it is a gateway to Walvis Bay. Livingstone residents also would have found it easy to buy cattle from Sesheke for sale to Zambeef. Goats from Mulobezi would be easily conveyed to Livingstone. I am so disappointed with this government. We are not that advanced as to put up such cameras. They have failed to advance the system of DNA in hospitals [so] how can they even identify a face in Maramba without advanced forensic systems as used at Scotland Yard? The police do not even have body bags, ambulances or medics who can be at an accident scene on time,” said Sensele. “I would not be surprised to see these cameras being damaged by angry youths should there be a revolt or through road traffic accidents as has been done to street lights. Let’s improve our systems at officer level instead of one person benefiting from the installation of these cameras.”

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