Kalaba optmistic abot pulling a surprise in 2021 elections

THE Democratic Party will form government next year, Harry Kalaba has declared.

And Kalaba has charged that the objective of Bill 10 is to perpetuate President Edgar Lungu’s stay in power.

Kalaba made the remarks when he paid a courtesy on chief Chitambo of the Lala speaking people of Central Province at his palace on Wednesday.

Chief Chitambo pointed out that currently there was no strong opposition political party in the country.

The traditional leader said that opposition political parties in Zambia were polarised, adding that some of them lacked national character.

Chief Chitambo advised the Democratic Party leader to establish party structures across the country.

“We do not have a strong opposition party at the moment. And we don’t want to revert to one party state. Go round the country and have your presence all over the country. Look for trustworthy individuals that can help you…even here in Chitambo, you can establish party structures so that you can have parliamentary seats during the 2021 general elections,” said Chitambo.

In response, Kalaba told Chitambo that the Democratic Party was making inroads across the country, adding that, “so far, from the interactions we have been having with people, the response from the Zambian citizenry has been overwhelming.”

The former foreign affairs minister said Zambians were losing confidence in PF government “because of the corruption tag that the ruling party currently has.”

“The economy is in a mess and the cost of living is high for majority Zambians. All this is because of mismanagement by our colleagues in the Patriotic Front. Because of this and many other issues, we are confident that we will pull a surprise in the 2021 general elections. The Democratic Party will form government next year,” Kalaba declared.

He also said that the Democratic Party’s desire was to ensure that women were economically empowered.

“In Singapore, for instance, women are economically empowered unlike here in our country where certain politicians take pride in seeing women dancing for them at airports. That is demeaning to the womenfolk,” Kalaba observed.

And Kalaba charged that the objective of Bill 10 was to perpetuate President Lungu’s stay in power.

“Instead of addressing the numerous challenges facing the Zambian people, our colleagues are busy pushing for the enactment of Bill 10 into law. This Bill 10 is only aimed at extending President Edgar Lungu’s stay in power,” he said.

Kalaba, who was accompanied by Democratic Party national chairlady Majorie Matafu, Serenje Central Constituency secretary Janny Namonje, among other party officials, later made a stop-over at Chalilo junction where he interacted with some traders before buying some dry fish, tomatoes, vegetables and some sardines.

Meanwhile, Kalaba bemoaned the escalating poverty levels among Zambians.

Speaking when he met more than 300 headmen and women in Chobela village in chief Kabamba’s area in Serenje district, Kalaba noted that majority Zambians were going through economic hardships.

He said that 2021 would present an opportunity for Zambians “to liberate themselves economically.”

Kalaba also said that the farming community has been given a raw deal by the PF government because small scale farmers that supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency were not being paid on time.

He further charged that most roads projects were only benefiting foreigners.

“We cannot continue giving these contracts to Chinese nationals. The Zambian nationals that are taking part in road construction projects are being engaged as sub-contractors,” Kalaba said and he implored people in Chimupati area to make the right decisions by voting wisely.

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