Mutweleleko, Lungu begs Puta

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has apologised to senior chief Puta of the Bwile people for his government’s failure to work on essential roads in that area.

Puta, of Chienge district in Luapula Province, has consistently and courageously complained about government’s failure to deliver development to his chiefdom.

President Lungu is currently on a tour of Luapula Province.

When he paid a courtesy call on Puta at his palace yesterday, President Lungu who spoke mostly in Bemba, urged the traditional leader to keep informing the government about what developments he wanted in his area.

President Lungu was accompanied by, among others, Road Development Agency board chairman Samuel Mukupa, national development planning minister Alexander Chiteme, housing and infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale, and presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe.

“Ico tulelomba cakweba ati muletwafwilishako. Nokutwafwilishako kutweba ifilecitika, ifilefwaya abantu besu. Nga mwamona tatulebomba bwino mwatweba, mwateba ati awe… (What I’m asking for is you to help us. Help us by telling us what is happening, what our people want. If you notice that we are not working well tell us, tell us that, no…,” he said. “Nomba ifyo ningatila fikalamba kuno musebo, nangula ntile imisebo. Ukufuma ilyo twaishile mu power ukufika na lelo ilyashi lya Kashikishi/ Lunchinda, kwa Mpweto uko, kwa Lambwe Chomba. I think kwali road kulya, Lambwe Chomba to… tulafyumfwa fyonse. Nomba ico ningasosa cakweba ati kwena mutweleleko, we have been stretched in terms of resources pakweba ati tupange imisebo (so that we make roads) countrywide. (What I would say is the big issue here is the road, or let me say roads. From the time we got into power until today the story is about Kashikishi/Lunchinda [road], in Mpweto, Lambwe Chomba. I think there was a road there, Lambwe Chomba to… we hear everything. But what I can say is that, forgive us).”

President Lungu said God had power over everything.

“Ababemba batila Lesafye ewakwata amaka. Ewasosele ukuti ati nakube icalo, nakube inika, nakube impanga, kube akasuba, kube ubushiku… Nomba cilomfwishe nsoni sana nga twafika ku ncende nga kuno uko batuvotele sana… (The Bembas says it’s only God who has power. It is Him who said, let there be earth, let there be water bodies, let there be land, let there be the sun, the night…But we feel very ashamed when we reach places like this where we were voted for overwhelmingly…” said President Lungu.

He said everywhere in the country people were asking for good roads.

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