Money won’t save you

Edgar Lungu and his minions seem to be so dependent on dishing out money here and there to win elections.

But they are forgetting that Michael Sata won the 2011 elections on “Don’t kubeba” – get the money but don’t vote for them. After all, it is your money they have stolen and are giving back to you!

If the poor Zambian people were not swayed by money in 2011, what will make money determine how they vote next year?

Our advice to the poor of this country is take all the money they offer you and even ask them for more but don’t vote for them – they are crooks.

And Pastor Bonaventure Chansa of Mukonchi in Kapiri Mposhi district is very right when he says the language of money will fail to win politicians the Republican presidency next year.

“There are many of you who are aspiring to be President of Zambia. But let us all know that only one will emerge as the winner and in this race, money isn’t the determining factor,” says Pastor Chansa. “Many politicians today are using the language of money to influence voters. But it’s very likely that they are simply throwing their money in the ocean and what I’m saying is the truth. They are wasting money because it doesn’t matter the huge amount of money they are going to dish out – they simply won’t win next year. We’ll have elections in this country very soon and politicians will be everywhere campaigning, with money. There is again a risk of so many men and women of God being tempted with money to offer political support. We are not just after money. Money is good but there must be decency in accessing it. You can’t simply be dangling money in the faces of men and women of God to win votes. They will not win, even with distribution of money to voters.”

If they have any wisdom in them they will realise that money has not won anyone the presidency in Zambia. UNIP put in a lot of money in the 1991 elections and lost. Rupiah Banda put in a lot of money in the 2011 elections and lost. And no matter how much money Edgar puts in next year’s elections it won’t save him from defeat.

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