They are having sleepless nights

There’s no doubt that the Patriotic Front is very scared of losing next year’s elections. And they say it among themselves that if they lose next year’s elections most of them will end up in jail for corruption. They really have great difficulties hiding this fear. Any opposition party or civil society organisation that tries to undermine their continued hold on power is ruthlessly dealt with.

Which opposition leader of substance are they not harassing?

Look at what they are doing to Harry Kalaba and DP! Look at what they are doing to Hakainde Hichilema and UPND! Look at what they are doing to Chishimba Kambwili and NDC! Look at what they are doing to Dr Fred M’membe and the Socialist Party!

Didn’t they deregister DP and try to leave Kalaba without a political party? It had to take the High Court to reinstate the DP’s registration. For a long time NDC existed only in name because they had deregistered it and could not even directly participate in by-elections other than support the UPND. It was only last week that the High Court quashed their deregistration.

Out of fear of losing power, the Patriotic Front is using the police to harass and stop any opposition mobilisation efforts. Only themselves should mobilise!

And Lusaka Province Patriotic Front secretary Kennedy Kamba can say that UPND and NDC are behaving like petrified rats!

“They have no solid campaign message in the forthcoming by-elections other than their usual chorus of imaginary corruption allegations which don’t even make sense,” says Kamba. “Zambians want politicians to have a people-driven agenda of development, and not the selfishness and desperation for power that Hakainde Hichilema and his newly found ally Chishimba Kambwili exhibit. The NDC and the UPND are behaving like petrified rats as they have come together ahead of the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe by-elections because they fear the impending defeat. These two political parties are scared of the ruling Patriotic Front, hence their desperate move to forge a marriage of convenience which will still not even save them. The two opposition political parties know that they stand no chance to win the two by-elections, neither in their individual capacities nor as a united opposition, hence the desperation. They have no solid campaign message in the forthcoming by-elections other than their usual chorus of imaginary corruption allegations which don’t even make sense. The PF is in pole position to retain the seats because it practices issue-based politics, we have delivered and still delivering development to all Zambians. It is clear in the eyes of well-meaning Zambians that the alliance between the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili of the National Democratic Congress is valueless as it has no basis of any shared progressive political ideology but a mere ‘marriage of convenience’ to try and lure the citizenry when they have nothing to offer but only pushing their personal political interests. Kambwili has been a bitter man since he was dropped from the government and consequently expelled from the party for being in conflict with both the law and the party constitution. It is sad and very unfortunate that the only thing bringing the two together is their shared hatred for President Lungu and the PF. Zambians cannot give power to frustrated and bitter individuals. Zambians are able to see what is happening. They are feeling the heat and that is why they have decided to work together. But even then, they have no capacity to wrestle those two seats from us. Our campaigns are hinged on delivering development across the country…Their hatred for President Edgar Lungu is too much that even electorates can see that. Their alliance is not going anywhere because the UPND is known for riding on other political parties to try and win elections. But this will never happen. President Lungu is loved by majority Zambians.”

The Patriotic Front may easily win in Mwansabombwe but not in Lukashya. UPND is certainly not strong in these regions of the country but they played smart in Lukashya and increased their chances of winning by scavenging for a candidate. By adopting a candidate who the PF made a mistake not to adopt the UPND has upped its chances and can actually carry the day. And this is what is causing panic in the PF and making Kamba say what he is saying.

And the possibility of the PF losing power next year is very high and is causing the likes of Kamba who have immensely enriched themselves from the PF’s reign have sleepless nights and fail to think properly.

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